Monday, September 14, 2009

Michelson–Morley experiment is best yet

Physicists in Germany have performed the most precise Michelson-Morley experiment to date, confirming that the speed of light is the same in all directions. The experiment, which involves rotating two optical cavities, is about 10 times more precise than previous experiments – and a hundred million times more precise than famous Michelson and Morley's 1887 experiment (MMX).

This zero result still cannot be interpreted as an absence of Aether environment for light spreading (so called luminiferous Aether), though. This is because no (motion/reference frame of) environment can be detected by its own waves locally, and nothing strange is about it. Whether we can observe water surface by water surface waves? Indeed not - with respect to these waves water surface is just a void, empty space. If we would observe something, it would be obstacle for surface waves, but not environment anymore. This is a trivial geometrical insight, independent to character of light wave and or even Aether theory validity: no local object can be observed from insintric and exsintric perspective at the same moment, i.e. locally.

This still doesn't mean, such environment doesn't exist from nonlocal and/or higher-dimensional perspective, mediated by tachyons, like gravitational waves, for example. And because every laser is of finite length, we should observe nonlocal effects, too. The true is, due the quantum phenomena no object is completely local and for microwaves of cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) Lorentz symmetry would remain fulfilled even at the case, when these objects would remain relatively large - in distance/size range of CMB wavelength (~2,64 cm at 2,73 K black body temperature), which roughly corresponds human scale (size of brain waves). Therefore for CMB Lorentz and Poincaré symmetry remains violated only at the cosmological scale (Doppler anisotropy of CMB).

For photons of observable light we should detect gradient of CMB photons density (dark matter effect, dual to Casimir force) and Lense-Thirring effect (frame dragging effect) in proper orientation of laser perpendicularly to gravitational field gradient. The later effect will lead to antigravity effects at speed higher then 0,57 c, thus switching the sign of dark matter effect. Such insights renders warped space around moving Earth in rather complex way. The nonzero rest mass of photons would complicate result of MMX even more for light of shorter wavelengths. For example gamma ray photons are insintrically slow and they could be outdistanced even by lightweight part of observable matter (aka neutrinos), whereas photons of longer wavelengths, then the CMB are effectively tachyons and they undergo fast dispersion in CMB field.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Multidimensional character of emergent perspective

This post is just a copy of few silly comments to ongoing discussion about concept of minimal length in quantum gravity and Lorentz symmetry violation. AWT enables to separate the subtleties of particular quantum field theories from general problem consisting in subconscious mixing of insintric and exsintric perspectives.

In AWT Lorentz symmetry(LS) is direct consequence of observational perspective. When we are observing low dimensional space (like 2D+1T water surface) from strictly 2D+1T perspective, LS is indeed maintained. When we are observing the same situation from higher dimensional perspective, LS can be violated and nothing very special is about it. AWT stance is, every space-time is completely homogeneous from its own perspective by definition and its LS cannot be violated. At the moment, when we are discussing some homogeneities in it, we are applying higher dimensional perspective, which enables LS to become violated. "An Outside View" is always of higher dimensionality, then insider's view, so its LS can be violated by definition. If it wouldn't, we couldn't distinguish it from inside view, after all.

In AWT concept of minimal length doesn't exist from global perspective, because even the tiniest density fluctuations can be formed by some more smaller ones without apparent constrains. But there exist limit in observability of smallest density fluctuations from perspective of larger density fluctuations (like humans) or instrumentation, which was used for their detection. Aether fluctuation at particular dimensional scale cannot interact with fluctuations at all remaining dimensional scales directly in accordance to principle "Simillia simillibus observatur". If we would use more sensitive/large apparatus, the limit of fluctuations on both sides of dimensional scale will increase accordingly and we would observe our Universe larger and quantum fluctuations smaller - but some general limit still persists here.

The philosophical question is, if such dimensional scale is real for people, because it's always interpreted by apparatus. Science answered such question positively already from the time of Galilei and van Leeuwenhoek. The main gnoseologic problem is, outside perspective remains undetectable from insiders, so we are always talking about somehow abstract phenomena, which can be proven by higher dimensional emergent approach only, i.e. by coincidence of two or more indirect evidences - but not by direct observation. Whole evidence of emergent Aether concept is about it, after all.

It should be pointed out, the existence of space-time at sub-Planck scale (i.e. existence of "subminimal length") lies outside of observational perspective scope of insiders too, so we are relating existence of one unprovable phenomena (Lorentz symmetry violation) by existence of another one (sub-Planck length).

Proclamativelly rigorous people, who are working with insintric perspective preferably can say easily, both ideas are BS - whereas other people, who knows, that more is different and really is different and how emergent phenomena are working, can expect, combination of two or more undetectable phenomena (assumption) could still lead to new observable (i.e. testable) predictions, thus fulfilling utilitarian perspective of further evolution. After all, renormalization procedure is quite similar approach based on emergence, because its extrapolating singular function by pair of their derivations from both sides of divergence. In this way, modern physicists just replaced wide-scale philosophical extrapolations by these less-visible formalized ones.