Thursday, October 23, 2008

AWT, human spirit and various psychic phenomena

As the human brain is fascinating product of evolution, it's mainly a giant electrochemical machine, which consumes over 15% of human body metabolic energy. The heat production by brain is believed to be a significant factor of marine mammals thermoregulation. We should realize, most of this energy is released in the form of collective motion of charged ions, so it has a distance effects as so called EEG waves. Unfortunately, electromagnetic waves emanated by individual neurons are compensating mutually, so they cannot propagate at the distance.

By AWT the human brain is essentially a electrochemical simulator of Aether reality formed by quantum foam. This concept isn't quite new, as the holographic idea of quantum consciousness was introduced by K.H. Pribram in the mid of 60's and further developed by Sir R. Penrose later. By AWT approach, the quantum character of neural network signals manifests at the millimeter scale as a standing waves of electrochemical activity inside of human brain. The non-linear quantum character of brain waves is the consequence of soliton model of neural signal propagation (sound pulses), by which the neural net is behaving like supercritical fluid (temperature of axon membranes in warm-blooded animals is slightly above the critical temperature for the phase transition leading from crystal like state of the lipid layers to a liquid crystal state). Thermoregulation has developed first for predators, i.e. high IQ organisms with fast reactions (Aves, Tyrannosaurus rex, Carcharodon carcharius, Thunnus thynnus, etc.).

In this point, AWT brings a new testable insights into physical theory of human spirit and various psychic phenomena by considering of concept of so called scalar field, which was introduced by Tesla's experiments into alternative physics. The modern quantum mechanics phenomena, like the entanglement and/or Aharamov-Bohm effect seems to support the concept of scalar waves, which can be considered as a manifestation of hidden dimensions of vacuum. By AWT the vacuum foam is behaving like urethane mattress, so it undulates by two fundamental ways, so called Abelian group perturbations in many nested dimensions in transversal waves:

In addition, the undulations can switch their dimensional level in certain range, so that the energy is transferring from one space-time level into another and back again in longitudinal waves (i.e. ). This mode of energy exchange is called non-Abelian perturbations and it's responsible for neutrino or quark color oscillations, for example. We can met with this kind of undulations in common life at the case of so called Widnall instability of vortex rings:

As the result, the electromagnetic waves are propagating through vacuum in many dimensions at the same moment, which cannot be characterized completely by their electrostatic and electromagnetic field vectors, because they're affecting just a density of vacuum, not electromagnetic signals. As the most common source of scalar waves could serve toroid coil or so called caduceus bifiliar coil, where the polarization vectors are compensated mutually. It means, it may be possible, such scalar field surrounds every neural network as a quantum mirage of electrochemical waves in the human brain, thus forming a physical basis of spirit phenomena. The longitudinal gravitomagnetic interaction and London cohesion interactions can play a significant role here by the same way, like at the case of so-called ball lightning phenomena, which involves a complex motion of ionized particles (Rydberg atoms) as well. And as such they can have a mechanical effects at distance, thus opening a wide space for physically relevant explanation of various psychic phenomena (like anesthesia, telepathy, psychokinesis or even levitation etc..), which were reported repeatedly.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

AWT and fundamental geometry of space-time

Being a postulate of AWT, Aether concept cannot explain by itself, what the Aether is or why our Universe exists at all - but it can explain, why it appears by the way, we are observing it. By AWT the gradient driven reality appears as being formed by fractal nested density gradients (i.e. by "fluctuations of fluctuations") of hypothetical dense environment, similar to fluctuations of dense gas. The more fundamental level is, the more the shape of gradients converges to spherical particle aggregates of spherical symmetry, which can be approximated by hypersphere geometry of highest symmetry degree possible.

Because the information and causal energy spreading is mediated by transversal waves exclusively, the effectiveness of energy spreading depends on the volume/surface ratio (as expressed by packing density) of that geometry, if we approximate vacuum as a dense system of closely packed hyperspherical particles (i.e. "kissing hyperspheres"). This ratio exhibits a local supremum for just 3D hypershere geometry, which means, just the space-time formed by gradients of 3D packed spheres can form the most effective environment with respect to energy propagation at distance, which can be expressed by dimensionality dependence of its Lagrangian by principle of least action.

For more than eight dimensions the hyperspheres are contained outside the hypercube with polytope vertices at the centers of the other spheres, which effectively means, such arrangement becomes more sparse and as such disadvantageous with respect to most effective surface energy spreading. Because of tetrahedral conformation of tightest 3D hypershere packing (as given by Kepler's conjecture, i.e. Hilbert's Problem 18, which wasn't solved yet formally), the simple hypersphere model explains both the right angled character of our 3D space, both the upper number of dimensions of observable Universe. The nested kissing 8D hypersphere geometry is closely related to geometry of root vector system of exceptional Lie group E8, on which the Lisi Garrett's "Exceptionally simple theory" is based (see this applet) and the sacred geometry of five elements theory.

The above explanation of vacuum dimensionality is still a somewhat implicit, as it considers right angled geometry of Hilbert hyperspace on background. As an experimental proof could serve the determination of packing density preferred inside of dense particle systems (like the supercritical fluids or plasma crystals), inside which the preferable formation of just 3D clusters should be detected.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

AWT and Lorentz symmetry violation

The concept of Lorentz invariance (i.e. the "constant speed of light", or more generally Lorentz symmetry (LS) or Lorentz covariance) is local principle (a theorem) in general relativity and the main global principle (a postulate) of special relativity. It means, on the validity of LS depends the predictability of many quantum field theories, which are using LS as the one of their postulates, including (but not limited to..) string theory. The quantum gravity, the LQG theory in particular, is less dependent to LS being general relativity based, so it allows Lorentz symmetry violation (LSV) in certain extent.

Nevertheless the concept of LS still remains heavily misunderstood by contemporary physics. The strong respect to relativity leads physicists to widespread belief, the LSV is a sort of boundary phenomena, which is especially difficult to detect. Whereas by AWT it involves whole range of quantum uncertainty phenomena, instead. In certain sense even Brownian noise, which can be observed by naked eye under certain circumstances can serve as a tangible evidence of LSV. In the quantum mechanics, the LS is always violated by its very nature, which leads to the violation of causality, the fragmentation of time arrows into many time dimensions (a multi-verse or many worlds concepts) and so-called the landscapes of many possible solutions (fuzziness) of superstring and quantum gravity theories.

From AWT follows, the LS should be violated on both ends of mass-energy density/space-time scales, because the Aether forms a nested foam with mutually penetrating and vanishing levels of density gradients. As the most pronounced manifestation of LSV at the cosmic scale can serve the presence of dark matter foam (the polarization of CMB in particular), the gravitational lensing and the gamma ray dispersion, which manifests itself for example by GZK limit and by retardation of gamma ray portion of flashes of distant supernovas. No wonder, some string theorists aren't very happy from these observations, because they're realizing, no formally consistent theory could predict the violation of its own postulates...

As above stated, here are some theories, which are predicting the LSV at the gamma ray end of EM spectrum, like LQG or Kostelecky theory. The problem is, these theories are rather formal and complex, therefore their proponents cannot understand well, what they're really looking for. From this perspective, the wider acceptation of Aether concept could save a lotta effort and frustrations for scientists and money for publicity. The straightforward example of LSV is the GZK limit (gamma ray suppression at the cosmological scales), which can serve as a close analogy of so called the Rayleigh dispersion of blue light by density fluctuations Earth atmosphere. By such a way, the thick layer of vacuum protects terrestrial life from energetic gamma rays by the same way, like the Earth atmosphere from UV rays. By AWT these density fluctuations are formed by fluctuations of cosmic microwave background (CMB), i.e. the very same noise, which everyone can detect by common TV-receiver. By AWT the photons of CMB are behaving like sparse voluminous density fluctuations of vacuum ("blobs"), which are dispersing the photons of gamma rays and cosmic radiation above the 10E+19 GeV scale.

The LSV by mutual interactions of gamma ray photons and photons of CMB can be understood easily, if we realize, by special relativity the photons are massless bosons of long-distance interaction, so they cannot interact mutually. Therefore every photon-photon interaction (including the well known pair production) should be considered as a direct violation of LS. By AWT this violation is nothing strange, indeed - because it predicts the non-zero rest mass of photon as well. We should realize, Lense-Thirring effect is contradicting the zero result of M-M experiment directly. Therefore we should observe some minute frame dragging effects even at the case of M-M experiment, especially at the large space/time and/or mass/energy density scales.

"In the second place our result shows that, according to the general theory of relativity, the law of the constancy of the velocity of light in vacuo, which constitutes one of the two fundamental assumptions in the special theory of relativity and to which we have already frequently referred, cannot claim any unlimited validity. A curvature of rays of light can only take place when the speed of propagation of light varies with position ("die Ausbreitungsgeschwindigkeit des Lichtes mit dem Orte variiert"). Now we might think that as a consequence of this, the special theory of relativity and with it the whole theory of relativity would be laid in the dust. But in reality this is not the case. We can only conclude that the special theory of relativity cannot claim an unlimited domain of validity; its results hold only so long as we are able to disregard the influences of gravitational fields on the phenomena (e.g. of light). Since it has often been contended by opponents of the theory of relativity that the special theory of relativity is overthrown by the general theory of relativity..."

(Ueber die spezielle und die allgemeine Relativitaetstheorie, Einstein 1916, chap. 22)

AWT and free market instability

Professor Johnson explains function of capitalistic economy by the following way:

Income differences tend to increase by mobility in space, skill and knowledge, but differences are not allowed to become arbitrarily large through control by progressive taxes, interest rates, limitations of work hours et cet intended to decrease difference. We understand that this control is necessary; a completely free capitalistic system collapses.

This is fully relevant - though sociology based - view, as the true reason of free market instability wasn't recognized yet. From AWT perspective this instability is of physical nature and it has the very same origin, like the instability of the whole Universe, which is collapsing gradually. This is because the free market with many subjects can be described as a multi-particle system with interactions, which leads to the periodic instabilities inside it by following humorous scheme:

Bursa instability can serve as an illustration of fundamental market problem by most pronounced way, being the most dense phase of market by the same way, like the behavior of collapsars illustrates the behavior of Universe. Free market is always operating with actual prices, so it cannot predict the future well and the information spreading inside of it is always limited, because the concurrent subjects aren't interested about free information exchange very much. Due the limited speed of information/energy spreading the free market is behaving like gradient-driven system (PD controller with time hysteresis), which is principally unstable. With respect to information spreading, the centrally planned market appears much more stable, being over-controlled at the price. This is because centrally planned market requires a boson condensate state of totalitarian society, which dissipates a lotta energy at low level of control. Therefore the optimal market strategy is somewhere between fully liberal and centrally controlled economy.

This is why, we cannot expect, free market will effectively control strategic decisions of society, like the prevention of fossil fuel depletion and/or global warming prevention, because it cannot evaluate risks and assets from long-term perspective, especially when these values cannot be calculated/converted into currency price at the moment of decision. After all, "free market" as such doesn't exist in society, at least from Wall Street Crash of 1929, which has lead into many forms of market regulation by governments and central banks.

By AWT the belief is in equillibrium with rational stance by the same way, like capitalism is in equillibrium with central government and like the longitudinal waves are in equillibrium with transversal waves inside of every multicomponent system/environment. One cannot exist without another. This concept is extended in more details here.

Why AWT is more general, then relativity and quantum mechanics?

The general character of AWT is given by its implicit, recursive nature, thus fulfilling the Ouroboros archetype. From AWT follows, whatever theory of your personal preference can be made nearly as general, as AWT simply by introducing of recursion concept into it, so it will obtain a fractal character of nested Aether foam. The so-called double quantization or double relativity can be considered as a first unconscious attempts to give an implicit character to existing formal theories.

But AWT still remains more general, then every fractal version of relativity or quantum mechanics or their combination, because of lower number of ad-hoced postulates required. In addition, the classical (Newtonian) character of AWT makes the Aether most symmetric and as such atemporal description of reality, i.e. stable dual brane in causal space-time of many theories possible. By AWT the character of relativity (the special relativity in particular) is given simply by fact, it describes the wave spreading from internal perspective exclusively - i.e. from perspective of the very same wave, which is serving for information spreading, while being strictly Lorentz invariance based. This introduces a causal bias into interpretation of observation.

With compare to relativity, the quantum mechanics is dual to relativity, i.e. by strictly outer perspective driven, as it always describes the energy wave spreading and space-time deforms from perspective of observer, which stays outside such deforms and it has some reference wave/frame available (i.e. it's Lorentz symmetry violation based). While the classical mechanics still enables us to describe for example the surface wave spreading both from perspective of surface wave (i.e. from relativistic perspective), both from light or sound wave perspective (the quantum mechanics approach). So we can consider the classical physics as a conceptual environment, which enables us to seamlessly reconcile the quantum mechanics and relativity by unique way with respect to correspondence principle without introduction of interpretation bias on background. And this is rather strong point of Aether concept - it can seamlessly connect the relativity and quantum mechanics on all ends of both energetic, both dimensional scales.

From the above follows, the contemporary view of classical mechanics as a special cases of both relativity, both quantum mechanics is fundamentally incorrect, as the exactly the opposite is true here: both relativity, both quantum mechanics are special, biased view of chaotic particle system, as described by classical mechanics, instead.

Why AWT forms the most general description of reality?

From general perspective, the AWT is the theory of zero-dimensional objects (i.e. particles) in infinitely-dimensional space-time. This view is apparently more general then for example string theory of one-dimensional objects in 10 to 11-dimensional space, as it doesn't introduce any arbitrary assumptions about dimensionality of space-time and/or particle structure or geometry.

For some people, AWT may appear as being dual to generalized geometrodynamics concept introduced into physics by J.A.Wheeler, because the concept of nested deformations of space-time can be transformed into concept of nested density gradients of Aether without apparent lost of information. But by my opinion, the opposite way is not possible and therefore AWT is slightly more general then every theory based on space and time concepts, because it can explain the common nature of space and time, while for geometrodynamical theory the space and time concepts remains ad-hoced, i.e. postulated quantities.

We can understand it for example by using of water surface model, which can serve as a local space-time for surface waves. AWT enables us to describe the underwater by model of chaotic environment, even though the surface waves cannot spread through it and therefore the underwater doesn't exists from surface waves perspective. We can see, AWT can describe even the behavior of environment, which cannot serve as a causal space-time at all.

Another reason for AWT priority from TOE perspective is gnoseologic. The particle concept remains the only physical concept, which is known for people for ancient times and it doesn't require any deeper explanations - with compare to space and time, whose nature is unclear without introduction of Aether concept. The people have understood the concept of particle system a much earlier, then they ever understood the space and time concept. This is because the space and time are abstract quantities with no physical attributes, so that every assumption about space-time deformation or waves tries to assign some physical attributes to abstract quantities by ad-hoced way, which is unacceptable from causal point of view. By such way, the concept of chaotic particle environment itself can serve as a TOE, because it doesn't relies upon unexplained yet artifacts, like the space and time quantities.

We should still realize, such environment is unthinkable without some time and space on background. Such environment is atemporal and void space from perspective of both radiative, both thermodynamical time arrow, because it doesn't enable both the causal energy spreading, both the further entropy increasing. The only time arrow, which persists here is the anthropocentric (psychological) one, which isn't defined and very relevant from physical point of view. Therefore the psychological time arrow is the only clue for further questions about Aether origin and existence.