Saturday, November 15, 2008

CP invariance violation and chirality of life

The question of biological homochirality consist in fact, most of live organism are collecting the right-handed D-saccharides as a source of energy, while being formed by left-handed L-amino-acids, which are only accepted for food. The switching of protein chirality may even become fatal, as we know from tragics consequences of accidental racemization of Thalidomide drug.

Life chirality problem can be solved in more steps. A most general question is, why the organisms are accepting the matter and energy in different ways, at second we should explain, why the energy and building blocks molecules differs in chirality, while the third (apparently more difficult question) is, why just the D-sugars and L-amino-acids are accepted by living creatures, but not vice-versa.

The first question isn't so apparent in this moment, but it's connected to dual character of stable forms of matter, which are divided into fermions (female) and boson (male) particles (elements). Both males, both females are occupying their homes/shells/nests, which can be interpreted as sinuses formed by building blocks. In social species, the females are collecting a building blocks, while males are foraging another energy sources preferably. The second question is related to problem, why the building blocks are usually collected from local sources or proximity, while food and energy sources are collected from longer distance and the third problem is related to question, why females tends to forage a food and building blocks, while the males are specialized in collecting of energy sources preferably, usually from outside of their homes.

We can observe an apparent chirality in SU(3) Young polyominos defined in 3D by 2x2x2 Jourdan triade matrix of mutual male/female, mass/energy and proximity/distance dualities, which follows from the fact, the males are movable like energy supplies (a prey) and therefore they appear at the longer distance from homes. This chirality is repeated in many fractal levels, because the fermion particles are serving as a food/energy supplies for subsequent nested levels of food chain.

By AWT the concept of CP invariance violation and chirality of life are closely related by concept of foam, composed of walls/membranes of nonzero thickness. The particles are formed by standing wave packets, spreading along surfaces of these membranes, but the situation of inner and outer surface isn't always very same.

The particles formed by inner gradients of Aether foam membranes are always of higher space-time curvature and mass/energy density, then these outer ones. During condensation of foam the particles formed by inner surfaces will condense into fermions - while the rest of matter will evaporate instead into particles of energy, i.e. the bosons. While total chirality is retained, the evaporating bosons are formed by super-symmetric anti-particles preferably. By AWT during Universe formation (a Big-Bang event) a symmetric graviton foam was formed first. This foam was formed by membranes with (nearly) no preference in concave or convex curvature. The similar foam is formed at the beginning of supercritical fluid condensation.

Whenever the density of graviton foam has increased, a second phase transition has occurred, so called the inflation. During this a system was formed, consisting of nested density fluctuations separated by membranes, composed by adjacent pair of surface gradients. After then the condensation of matter has separated into two branches. A density fluctuations formed by inner walls of foam branes have continued in condensation, forming a dense particles of observable matter. While the second portion of particles has evaporated instead into anti-symmetric bosons, which formed the sparse streaks of dark matter.

We can assume, the very same process has repeated later during life formation. By AWT the life was formed in so-called liposomes, formed by fragmentation of tiny oily droplets at the stormy surface of ancient oceans. Every liposome is very small (i.e. of high surface curvature) and it has a double surface, formed by hydrophobic membranes. In such system, the surface tension phenomena cannot be neglected, because the highly concave surface exhibits so-called superhydrophobicity, so it repels the carbohydrate molecules with many -OH functional groups, which are collected preferably inside of liposome. While the building blocks of organic matter, i.e. the amino-acids with hydrophobic radicals should adsorb at the outer surface of liposome, preferably. This forms natural condition for spatial arrangement of t-RNA components at the phase interface of liposomes. They should probably form spontaneously in thin dispersion of lipids in solution of aminoacids and ribose mixture.

The chirality of liposome follows from so called Hairy ball theorem: every surface of droplet should contain an at least two quantum vortices (an analogy of Cooper pairs condensation in solid state physics) and these vortices are of opposite chirality due the geometry reasons. So that the chiral molecules should separate on both surfaces of liposome by its helicity. For liposomes of larger diameter there is higher number of quantum vortices just at the outer surface of liposome, which is always slightly larger due the nonzero thickness of lipid bilayer (a liposome membrane).

By such way, a chiral organic molecules should obtain their distribution from the very beginning of liposome formation, i.e. it's not accidental, one-shot process depending on panspermia event - but in quite reversible process, which should be replicated in experiments both in supercritical fluid or boson condensate systems, both in liposome dispersions in laboratory conditions. This explanation supports the contemporary models of terrestrial life formation, by which sponges are one of the first multicellular organisms. By AWT the life was formed from liposome foam and the ancient sponges are just another nested phase of it (i.e. sponge of cellular sponge by the same way, like atom nuclei are formed by quantum foam of smaller strings, etc..).
Energy spreads by slowest speed just along foam surfaces, so AWT prefers atemporal fractal foam structures during gradual evolution of complexity over other geometries and the above findings are consistent with this concept.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Was relativity proved by quantum mechanics phenomena?

The fractal character of nested Aether foam leads to the formation of dualities from human logic perspective. Consecutive logic of human thinking is dual to intuition, which is collective result of many synapses actions at the same time. Therefore by human logic the observable reality is described strictly by surface gradients and transversal wave spreading (so called "gradient driven reality"), while the information mediated by longitudinal waves of many particles is perceived as a "quantum chaos". Therefore Aether appears as composed from layers of causal membranes, surrounded/alternated by gradually more chaotic particle field and vice-versa. Human understanding consists of formal theories dualities, alternated by zones of intuitive understanding / philosophy, which are forming an uncrossable barriers between both theories from formal math perspective due their divergence into landscapes of infinite many solutions. On the other hand, every tendency to describe the universe by formal theory with infinite exactness leads into scrambled perceiving of reality as well, because of mixed inner/outer perspectives during interpretation of individual theories.
The supersymmetric situations, when formal model was used as a logical explanation of dual theory and vice-versa were not so rare in history of physics. The so-called geocentric model of Ptolemy was formalized by introducing of epicycles concept by Tycho de Brahe up to precision, which could serve for astronomical predictions well. Therefore Galileo opponents, the proponents of Holy Church in particular have objected to Galileo by predictability of geocentric model, which could serve as an indirect confirmation of its logical validity. How we know today, this logic was quite weak from observational perspective - but still not quite wrong from more AWT perspective.
The very same situation has repeated in physics at the beginning of 20th century, when Einstein has come with his relativity theory. With respect to relativity, the quantum mechanics is dual theory in many aspects. Therefore is nothing strange, Einstein has opposed quantum mechanics violently, especially its concept of quantum uncertainty ("God does not play dices with the universe.", EPR paradox) by the similar way, like many string theorists are objecting the LQG theory by now. The relativistic aberration (observed first by Eddington, 1921) and gravitational lensing (observed by F. Zwicky 1932) are both considered as iconic phenomena of general relativity. Therefore we can expect, Einstein would be quite surprised by claim, the relativistic aberration or gravitational lensing are quantum mechanics phenomena, not relativity effects. While such stance appears ridiculous (both effects were predicted and computed just by using of relativity) - exactly the opposite appears correct from AWT perspective!
The main problem is, the gravitational lensing was interpreted as a result of space-time curvature, which should manifest itself by time dilatation, which was never measured directly. From strictly causal perspective, only the curvature of light path can be measured due the local character of (special) relativity theory. By special relativity the light is always spreading by constant speed through vacuum, so no refraction phenomena should be observed both at macroscopic scale, both at microscopic scale, if we consider, the elementary particles are pinpoint objects, surrounded by vacuum, too. The observer, falling into black hole would see the speed of light unchanged and straightforward even at the case, he would encircled the black hole together with photons, thus effectively staying at rest from more general perspective. As we can see, every local postulate violates explicit theory from more general perspective less or more lately.
The quantum gravity character of relativistic aberration follows from the fact, the fragmentation of image by gravity lens introduces a multiverse aspect into observation, because it makes the observed object location uncertain, thus violating a single-time arrow causality and Lorentz symmetry. By such way, prof. Einstein succeeded in persuasion of mainstream physics community about validity of relativity theory by using of experiment, which can be interpreted as a direct violation of Lorentz invariance and relativity as such..;-) We can compare it to the "proof" of geocentric model on background of successful prediction of solar eclipses by using of epicycle model of Ptolemy. While lack of exactness is apparent in every theory based on non-formal logic, such doublethink and lack of logic is less or more hidden problem of every formal approach as a manifestation of Gödel uncertainty theorem.

Monday, November 10, 2008

AWT and worm holes

How the AWT can explain the so-called WMAP cold spot? At first, the CMB spot can be interpreted by many other ways, the model presented bellow is just one of many explanations possible, even in the scope of AWT itself. The WMAP cold spot is the coldest place of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) in the constellation of Eridanus, which is visible fully only from Southern hemisphere. The importance of CMB cold spot is given by the fact, it exhibits not only the lower CMB intensity/frequency, but the lower concentration of observable objects as well.

By famous astronomer Laura Mersini such "hole" can be interpreted as a manifestation of parallel Universe. Laura predicts, such cold spot should be observed even on another places. The Aether Wave Theory considers, the current Universe generation is sort of black hole-like artifact, which is sitting inside of another generation of Universe. In our universe the black holes are forming the binary systems (i.e. the quasar pair revolving each other) quite often, so it's possible, our Universe generation is part of such system, too. After then the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridge will be formed inbetween, which will appear as so-called wormhole from inside. From outside view the same stuff would appear like common vacuum, just with strong lensing effect.
Between pair of black holes the total reflection condition required for event horizon formation remains violated less or more totally, so that it’s possible to see from one universe/quasar into another one through “window”. The following pictures are illustrating such concept clearly, I hope.

From the above model follows, the black hole can be considered as a dense blobs of Aether and the event horizon is sort of total reflection phenomena. Inside of dense vacuum near black holes we can expect the stabilization of many highly energetic forms of matter, which are decomposing quickly under common conditions (including sterile electrons, magnetic monopoles, heavy quarks and strangelets, etc.).

The above model leads to a new interpretation of so called Einstein-Rosen bridge, which is generally considered as a sort of so-called the "worm hole". It illustrates clearly, such bridge forms a connection between pair of closely adjacent Universe generations. By AWT foam concept this doesn't means, both parts of universe must be separated completely. We can see on the scheme bellow, such bridge can connect only two distant "peninsulas" of our Universe generation.


Under more detailed view the black hole is behaving like giant quantum wave, which is undulating beneath the event horizon like elastic blob, so it can exchange their mass/energy in gravitation waves through hidden dimensions with its closest neighborhood. So that the nature of bridge can change with time accordingly and it can even disappear temporarily. This insight renders the closest Universe neighborhood as a rather dynamic systems with underlying inflation and corresponding baryogenesis or space/time ripping, instead.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

A dual approach to Aether theory

The AWT can be interpreted as a extrapolation of 1D particle theory in 10-24 dimensions (i.e. string theories) to theory of zero-dimensional particles in infinite-dimensional space-time, i.e. into Aether. The quantum gravity (QG) theory can be considered as dual quantum field theory to string theory (ST) in certain extent, while still being slightly more general then ST, being based on general relativity, instead of special relativity, like ST. Which theory should be dual to Aether theory, after then?

By my opinion the most promising candidate should be generalized geometrodynamics, introduced by J.A. Wheeler in the mid of 50th of the last century. Geometrodynamics is general relativity based concept, which describes Universe in terms of space-time deformations. If we realize, all particles in AWT are formed by Aether density fluctuations, we can say, material particles are formed by space-time curvature and whole universe can be described in terms of nested space-time curvature and acceleration instead of mass/energy density field.

From geometrodynamics theory the Universe existence follows from omni-directional Universe expansion, which in its consequence leads to the formation of local and global event horizons, i.e. particles and gravity phenomena. While the quantum mechanics neglects the expansion of probability function (wave packets of particles) due the gravity (the existence of gravity cannot be derived from quantum mechanics), a classical geometrodynamics neglects the gravitational collapse of geons into singularities due the expansion of Universe.

The omni-directional Universe expansion/collapse prohibits both the expansion of wave packets into infinity from internal perspective, both the collapse of geons into singularities from internal perspective, so we can see, the gravity is a direct manifestation of Universe expansion and the gravity force as an acceleration force at the presence of space-time curvature.

Dual view to Universe expansion by AWT

By AWT both volume of Universe, both dimensionality of that volume is virtually infinite. But the speed of energy spreading is limited and the energy density of light, coming from higher dimensions is limited as well (in fact, we are still looking for gravitational waves). We can compare this situation to the illumination of foggy street by lantern. The street can huge, but we can see just a limited illuminated spherical part from it because of dispersion: the farther the light source is, the more the street appears dim and shifted toward longer wavelengths. At the case of Universe observation, we are interpreting this red shift as a result of omni-directional Universe/space-time expansion). By such way, at the certain distance the light intensity will cease to zero, we will reach the physical limit of the observability of Riemann's Universe sphere. This doesn't mean, the Universe has some limit at the surface of sphere - we just cannot see it by using of light in causal way anymore.

Due the symmetry of time arrow, we are limited by the same way not in cosmic scale, but in micro-scale as well. At the Planck scale the dispersion will take place and the neighborhood will disappear in quantum chaos. Due the Universe expansion we can interpret every look into distance as a look into past, while every observation of microscopic scale we can interpret as a look into distant future of our Universe. And both these views are principally limited not by the physical size of Universe, but by character of causal energy spreading. We are using a transversal light waves for collection of information, but at the distant scale the casual Universe character becomes dim a and blurry because of prevailing longitudinal character of energy waves.

To understand these connection by illustrative way, we can use a simple surface water model. The water surface is serving as a local space-time for surface wave spreading in transversal waves by the same way, like the vacuum is serving for spreading in transversal light waves. But this transversal character is violated by the dispersion of underwater inhomogeneities the more, the more the scale becomes different from characteristic wavelength of surface wave spreading, which has character of material constant.

As we can see from so called celerity curve, the surface waves are spreading by different speed, which depends on their wavelengths: here exists some minimum, during which the transversal character of surface waves becomes most pronounced and the waves will spread by slowest speed - the waves of 1,27 cm in wavelength are called capillary waves and they're not influenced by dispersion very much. From perspective of hypothetical creatures, living at the water surface this surface would appear most large at this wavelength (which corresponds the wavelength of CMB, by the way) - because energy spreads by the lowest speed here.

Because the light dispersion increases both toward lower, both higher wavelengths, our Universe would appear smaller when observed with the light of these wavelengths. We can observe it as a so called GZK limit at the case of gamma rays, for example. This is a natural consequence of the dispersive nature of vacuum, whenever the wavelength of light will shift from the optimal frequency by celerity curve. We should realize, we cannot detect the change in light speed directly in local measurements, because we are using the very same waves both for time, both for space measurements, so that the light speed will remain always very invariant. What we can observe directly is just a red shift in the characteristic spectrum frequencies of distant stars and galaxies.

The main problem in understanding of all these connections remains the fact, the people are observing the wave spreading from nonlocal, outer perspective, i.e. they're using the another, faster waves in observation and description of wave spreading phenomena. For example, when observing a surface wave spreading by using of light waves, the Galileo transform will take the place and everything appears normal from classical physics perspective, i.e. no relativity is here.
While at the vacuum we are used to observe the light wave spreading just by light waves, simply because we haven't no another, faster waves available. This introduces a new observational perspective, in which the relativistic effects are manifesting. The whole relativity is simply a result of classical physics of wave spreading, as being observed from perspective of these waves itself - that's all.

In AWT this local perspective is called an internal perspective, because the observer remains involved in experiment. For example, we can observe a gravitational lensing both from internal perspective, when the space-time becomes curved and the light path remains straight, both from outer perspective, when the space-time remains flat and the light path becomes curved.

It's rather consequence of widespread belief in power of relativity, both these perspective are interpreted by relativity theory, while just the internal perspective remains fully consistent with it, in fact. The outer perspective always violates the Lorentz invariance, because the speed of light spreading in vacuum cannot remain constant, or the light wouldn't spread by curved path. The gravitational lensing, as we are observing it usually is rather sort of quantum mechanics phenomena, the quantum gravity in particular. We cannot prove the curvature of space-time at distance, everything, what we can observe is curved path of light, so that the interpretation of gravitational lensing by relativity is rather sort of conjecture from strictly causal perspective.