Saturday, August 29, 2009

Continental Europe bans USA invention

Starting from Tuesday, September 1st, 2009, European Union is banning the production of incandescent light bulbs above 80 Watts in a bid to introduce compact fluorescent models, widely known as energy-savings bulbs. In 2012, only "efficient" light bulbs will be allowed and by 2016, they want to ban even the halogen lamps. EU contend that the average family will save $64 per year on electric bills, and carbon emissions could be cut by 15 million tons. On the flip side, some 3,000 jobs could be lost since most incandescent bulbs sold in Europe are made in the region, while the fluorescent variety come from elsewhere.

This can be perceived as temporal victory of energy over matter, as the compact fluorescent models are five to seven times more energy efficient, then incandescent light bulbs. But this balance can be easily reversed in near future, because fluorescent lamps are more demanding on irrecoverable sources in form of rare earth elements (REEs), used in luminophore production. 95% of output production of rare earth elements comes from China and China is now considering a ban on certain rare earth elements. The solution may be organized recycling of these luminophores or the replacement of rare elements by another ones or increased usage of LED-based sources for illumination. This example illustrates, the replacement of power hungry solution is always followed by increasing consumption of material sources, thus demonstrating universal matter-energy duality.

Because younger son of Czech president Vaclav Klaus is top manager of CEZ, main energetic company of Czech Republic, his wife, economist Livie Klaus was member of the CEZ supervisory board until 2002 and another son got four million euros donation from CEZ for his private school last year, it's logical, Vaclav Klaus himself is well known lobbyist of CEZ company and promoter of energetic dependence of Czech Republic to Russian fossil fuel import. Therefore it's very not surprising, Vaclav Klaus boycotts environmental politics of EU and he is openly promoting the consumption of energy hungry incandescent light bulbs in public.

AWT and cosmological time arrow

Contemporary physics distinguishes many time arrows, which are related mutually, so that no discussion about time can have a deeper meaning without specification of particular time arrow. Contemporary physics handles no generally acceptable model for these time arrows and it doesn't understand time concept from general perspective. In particular description of relativistic space-time from macroscopic perspective remains separated from description of time at microscale, where thermodynamical time arrow is applied. Without consideration of concept of Aether emergence these time arrows cannot be reconciled at predicate logic level.

In AWT most general time arrow is so called cosmological time arrow related to omnidirectional Universe expansion, which is manifestation of dispersive character of energy spreading. While the general understanding is, Universe is facing thermodynamical death, it's not true at all as such conclusion is observer dependent. It's observer, not a Universe, who suffers by entropic processes and entropy of Universe as a whole remains constant from exsintric perspective. Thermodynamical death of Universe is just a consequence of Simillia simillibus observatur principle.

We cannot neglect fact, one half of Universe evaporates and separates by antigravity (radiation pressure), while the second one agglomerates by gravity. In AWT boundary between insintric and exsintric observational perspective is divided by observer distance scale, which corresponds to wavelength of cosmic microwave background (CMB scale) at 1.73 cm. Above such scale thermodynamic time arrow for material object becomes reversed and driven by gravity. So what we are observing are two thermodynamical processes separated by CMB/human scale into exsintric and insitric perspective. Material objects, which are large then 1.73 cm tends to agglomerate in their gravity field into larger ones. This is essentially negentropic process, related to inverse time arrow, whereas object smaller then CMB photons are evaporating into radiation, whis is indeed common entropic process. For particles of energy the whole situation remains reciprocal: large photons are dissolving like tachyons in CMB, while smaller one are condensing into solitons, i.e. material particles. No process violating CPT symmetry was observed so far.

If we consider material particles as the only observable part of Universe, thermodynamical time arrow becomes dual for 3D space-time, so we can propose more general, cosmological time arrow, which is independent to entropy of Universe (which remains the same in this case), but it's defined by the combination of the above processes. At the moment, when we would observe separation of large objects while the smaller ones would condense, we could say, not just thermodynamical, but cosmological time arrow gets reversed, too. It corresponds the propagation of observable objects across space-time brane, composed of mutually interacting gradients of Aether foam density, so that entropic processes are always balanced by these negentropic ones. From macroscopic (the past) or microscopic (the future of space-time expansion) perspective Universe is behaving like randomly undulating Aether gas, where formation of density fluctuations balances their dissolution and Universe appear atemporal, albeit it's still full of random motion. Every time arrow observed is therefore a local effect only.

While thermodynamical time arrow appears broken above CMB scale for material objects, it's just an effect of inverse geometry, in which dispersion of information occurs. Thermodynamical time arrow still remains valid here due the dispersive nature of energy spreading. In AWT gravity is just thermalization as being observed from exsintric perspective of Le-Sage Aether model. All forces are of dispersive nature, which is behaving like shielding Duillier-LeSage force from dual perspective (dual force to gravity is pressure of radiation, i.e. the only force, which can defy gravity). But we are observing universe from both perspectives, so we shouldn't omit gravity when talking about entropy from general perspective. Note that near CMB scale inverse square law for gravity becomes violated due the cosmic microwave radiation and gravity becomes effectively repulsive force bellow this scale, because of prevailing pressure of CMB radiation. This manifests by violation of equivalence principle in 3D and by weak deceleration assigned to dark matter. Again, it's just an result of perspective inversion - as a finite size fluctuation of Aether we're observing the same Le Sage gravitation "from inside". From local perspective time arrow and sign of gravity are related mutually by trivial projective geometry of mutual interactions of density fluctuations via transversal waves.

Monday, August 24, 2009

AWT and GRB090510 photon controversy

This story was discussed extensively on Bee's and LuMo's blogs. In brief, recent observation of very remote (12.8+ Glyrs) gamma ray burst GRB090510 observed by Fermi observatory (former GLAST satellite) was followed by another lone gamma ray photon of extraordinary high energy (31 GeV), detected be terrestrial observatory MAGIC (Major Atmospheric Gamma Imaging Cherenkov) in the same moment (six seconds window of the whole three minute burst).

While string theory (ST) is based on LS, this result was interpreted by Motl as a confirmation of ST, although in fact it confirms the validity of one of string theory postulates only. Although gamma ray dispersion was considered as one of main tests of quantum gravity theories and the picture bellow was presented in many places, LQG theory in its current state of development has nothing to say very much to this result, because it maintains LS in 3D in the same way, like string theory, as Lee Smolin explained. This picture is a snapshot of article in Scientific American, 59: "Atoms of space and time", which is definitelly worth reading by itself - but it contains desinformation, concerning LQG predictions.

Phenomenological explanation of this controversy is simple in AWT and it's based on the fact, LS is valid only for strictly 3D space, whereas cosmic space is filled by gravitons expanded into gravitational waves during inflation, i.e. tiny density fluctuations responsible for cosmic microwave background (CMB). Therefore cosmic space isn't completely "flat" and it contains "traces of higher dimensions". While LS is indeed valid for all higher hyperspaces, their projection into 3D space isn't invariant with respect to LS anymore. From AWT follows, only microwaves can propagate through vacuum like harmonic wave, thus fulfilling LS at long distances, while longer waves are propagating like tachyons and shorter waves are always composed of photons, which are propagating by subluminal speed. This dispersion can be observed in GZK limit for gamma ray photons and it manifests by delay for gamma ray photons during weak (short distance) gamma ray bursts, like MKN501 event, observed last year. In accordance with this explanation, the dispersion of more close gamma ray flashes is usually much more pronounced, then at the case of these remote ones.

As a pronounced example of light dispersion during spreading through compactified gradient can can serve Hawking radiation of black holes, which can be interpreted like light escaping from glass sphere. Long wavelengths and gravitational waves can penetrate it freely, whereas shorter wavelengths are reflected back again by total reflection mechanism

The reason, why GRB090510 burst (and some others, like GRB 080916C from September 2008) didn't exhibit a pronounced dispersion consist in point, such bursts were very remote and as such they were quite energetic - an energy corresponding mass of Sun is released in form of gamma photons in brief moment! In AWT dynamic mass of photons manifests by real mass with gravitational effects, not just a combination of momentum and kinetic energy, as presented by mainstream propaganda. This is because in AWT photon has a nonzero rest mass, albeit quite minute one. Therefore the gamma ray burst propagates through vacuum like dense cluster of photons, tied their own gravity, or like soliton, similar to vortex rings, which can propagate through fluids and gases without dispersion.

The slowing of ligth in boson condensates is based on the fact, EM wave is spreading in form of much heavier electrons, which are revolving around atoms for most of time. Neverthelles the appearance of single photons in vacuum should correspond the appearance of solitons (quantum vortices) in boson condensates.

Because wave packet cannot contain only fraction of wave (it would violate the eigenvalue postulate of quantum mechanics) both wavelength of light, both size of wave packet is compressed in the same way and the shape of vortices in boson condensates is pretty close to appearance of real photons in vacuum - it's just greatly reduced in scale along path of direction.

The cluster of photon ("photoball") is analogous to glueballs, known from weak force scale and it can serve as a prototype of heavier elementary particles. It's formed by dense swarm of photons, where the most energetic and heaviest photons are propagating at the center, while these lightweight ones are revolving center of soliton along substantially longer path, which corresponds the segregation of matter by particle density at the case of massive bodies. This could have testable impact to the distribution of energies along time axis of gamma ray flash: heavy photons should appear at the center of Gaussian curve, representing the gamma burst observation.

Because photons influence mutually at distance in this model, it may be even possible, the lone photon observed in GRB090510 was actually trapped into gamma ray flash during its travel through wast cosmic space, or it could serve as its condensation nuclei in similar way, like particle of dust enables molecules of water to condense into droplet. It would mean, the occurrence of photons of unexpectedly high energy density inside of gamma ray flashes isn't accidental at all and such model leads to another testable predictions concerning gamma ray photons distributions. The "snowball" mechanism of avalanche-like photon trapping has its analogies at the case of rain or snow condensations, laser pumping or rise of Hitler's power before WWW II.

Because photons inside are moving independently to motion of soliton, they're propagating in hidden dimensions effectively: we can say, higher dimensionality of space-time, i.e. symmetry breaking of mass density (inhomogeneity) converts into higher dimensionality of particle motion during sufficiently large space-time interval, i.e. into symmetry breaking of energy density (dispersion). The same mechanism of composite particle formation can be applied onto every other heavier particles or even objects in social systems. All elementary particles are propagating through space like solitons, composed of smaller bosons, which can be illustrated for example by relation of spin projection into axis of motion to speed of particle. The escape of particles through polar jets of black holes can be considered as an exagerrated case of soliton mechanism.

Concerning LS violation, we aren't disputing a lone photons, the exact path of which is unavailable for us - but cluster of photons as a whole, which is indeed quite different situation: at the scope of such cluster individual photons may move randomly along different paths - while they're still keeping the shape of cluster as a whole. Therefore LS remains maintained at the cluster level with respect to dispersion, thus leaving postulates of string or LQG theory intacted - but whole cluster is still moving in subluminal speed with respect to lone microwave photons, so that even lightweight neutrinos can move faster in certain cases. Atemporal logics of formal math, used in these theories cannot handle such situation easily, because of collective motion of many objects at the same moment - although it's still quite trivial to understand. For example, while theories like DSR/DSR2 proposed by Smolin and Maguejio consider violation of LS less or more successfully in 3D, they still cannot explain "violation of LS violation" at both large distance and large energy density scales, which is indeed the case of gamma ray propagation across whole Universe.

String theory could easily model violation of Lorentz symmetry in inhomogeneous 4D space-time simply by declaring it a higher-dimensional flat space in the same way, like LQG - the only problem is, scientists on both sides of ST/LQG duality still didn't realize it, while they're still seeking for signs of both extradimensions, both Lorentz symmetry violation - although they have them before eyes all the time. In addition, here exists an interesting deadlock mechanism: string theorists (ST) could introduce Lorentz symmetry (LS) violation by considering of extradimensions, but they hesitate to propose it, because LS belongs between ST postulates in 4D space-time, while LQG proponents could introduce extradimensions by considering Lorentz symmetry violation, but they grudge against it, because they proposed LQG a just "4D theory" originally.

At the moment, when both sides are earning half of grant support, no one wants to start the reconciliation of both theories by considering of ideas of the dual theory. In such a way both sides are effectively locked inside of ivory towers of their own prejudices. I presume, this example situation explains a lot, how symmetry breaking is occurring at phenomenological level and it illustrates clearly, why theoretical physicists should be payed for reconciliation of existing theories be decreasing of number of postulates, instead of for development of new ones by increasing of number of existing postulates, because divergent character of their formal thinking prohibits them in reconciliation of existing theories.