Thursday, April 09, 2009

Would Boltzmann brain see its universe chaotic?

This post is an reaction to another blog article of Lubos Motl, where he presents a Richard Feynman's lecture about arrow of time. At the beginning of the third part, Feynman explains, why Boltzmann brain is a "ridiculous theory", because it "incorrectly predicts", that the rest of the world should be completely disordered. We can see this as a another demonstration of Popper's methodology symmetry, where every negation of theory becomes new testable theory as well. So that not only validity of theory - but the validity of all arguments against theory must be allways checked carefully. If we consider every logical theory wrong from its very beginning, the objective stance becomes biased quite often.

As I explained previously here and specially to Lubos, Boltzmann brain hypothesis has nothing to do with situation, when 10^{23} particles will get organized suddenly into something like human brain. It describes the situation, when unspecified amount of particles is involved into Boltzmann brain creation. When we consider 10^{23*23} particles, the probability of formation of some particular configuration of just 10^{23} particles will be unitary - so we can say safely, the existence of human brain in every 10^{23*23} particles of matter will become undeniable. This number roughly corresponds the number of particles inside of observable part of Universe and the number of string theory possible solutions, which could serve for falsification of this concept. So we can interpret both Universe, both human brains entities as a product of random fluctuations of hypothetical particle gas - which is basically what the whole AWT is about.

Among other things, this approach explains, why every large group of people tends to check all meaningful answers and theories, before the most relevant one is considered at the very end. This is because the intelligent stance of individuals in every large group of people is compensating mutually, so that such group is behaving like chaotic Boltzmann gas as a whole. This can explain, why Aether theory was recognized so early in human society - but understood and accepted so late.

Every brain can see (i.e. to interact via transversal waves with) just the causal portion of Universe, which corresponds the causality of Boltzmann brain hypothesis - so we can expect, if we find an even more general approach later, it could predict even larger number of states, then the random walk model considers - our causual Universe would expand with time. Because of nested character of density fluctuations of Boltzmann gas - which undergoes a Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution - our Boltzmann brains could never see the rest of our environment empty, "completely random" the less - particularly because both Feynman, both Motl didn't realize, their intepretation considers no environment at all. I do believe, virtually every human brain (including this one of average string theorist) could understand the difference between Boltzmann and Feynman approach to random Universe and stop to misinterpret this simple, yet powerful theory.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

AWT and the quest for hidden dimensions

When Neil Armstrong made his first descent to the Moon's surface during Apollo 11 mission in 1969, he spoke his famous line "That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind..". Aether Wave Theory can become such a dual step in mankind awareness, too: in many areas of physics, which are covered by formal theories already its contribution may remain infinitesimal, whereas in more fundamental areas it suggests a virtually a deep revolution in thinking. Such revolution may become the understanding of role/scope of hidden dimensions and Lorentz symmetry concepts.

As we have demonstrated already by model of water surface, the problem of hidden dimensions is tightly connected to violation of Lorentz symmetry up to level, every violation of Lorentz symmetry can be considered as a direct manifestation of hidden dimensions. Because Lorentz symmetry for light spreading in vacuum is violated at presence of every dispersion or refraction phenomena, it would mean, the hidden dimensions are very common in Nature. For example, the hydrogen bonds or repulsive forces between atoms are manifestation of short distance forces operating in very high number of dimensions.

How the heck is all this possible? A quite easily - due the symmetry, in AWT energy spreads through every environment under conservation of integral number of dimensions in two dual ways only: via transversal and longitudinal waves. The forces mediated by these waves follows an inverse power law due the shielding LeSage/Casimir/Feynman mechanism represented by supergravity, where the power is always lower by one from the number of environment dimensions. In this way, for 3D space the only force fulfilling the inverse 2nd power law (ISL) should be a Coulomb force mediated by photons and gravity force mediated by gravitons or gravity waves at infinite scope, i.e. of zero rest mass. Every other force is simply manifestation of interaction in hidden dimensions and Lorentz symmetry violation. Note that Casimir force mechanism mediated by gravity waves corresponds Fatio-LeSage mechanism for gravitons and transaction absorber theory for virtual photons promoted by Feynman and Wheeler for QED in 50's of the last century. Easy and trivial, isn't it?

But mainstream physics still persists a deep inconsistency in thinking. While the world is full of short distance interactions - from weak nuclear force and dual Casimir force spreading if five dimensions, strong nuclear force mediated by gluons and so called gravitomagnetism ("fifth force") mediated by gravitophotons in four dimensions and many refraction and dispersive phenomena inside of atom orbital - mainstream physicists still considers these nonlinear forces as a "special forces", "nonlinearities" and/or "2nd order effects" rather then manifestation of hidden dimensions and ISL violation - despite the fact, under inconsistent thinking they can never get consistent conclusion.

As the result, these scientists are spending a lotta money from our taxes in various less or more sagacious searches of "hidden dimensions". Because they know, violation of Lorentz symmetry would manifest by inverse square law and non zero rest mass of photons, one way of experimental evidence is based on thourough tests of ISL for gravity and Coulomb forces (which are unsuccessful so far, especially because theorists are ignoring Casimir force in this extent). The deep inconsistency in mainstream science thinking manifests by the fact, some of these tests are even interpreted like tests of string theory as well - albeit string theory is based on Lorentz symmetry from its very beginning. Next time we will discuss some techniques, by which we can interpret and/or visualize interactions in hidden dimensions by AWT.