Saturday, June 13, 2009

AWT and gravity

This post is motivated by recent NewScientist article Seven things that don't make sense about gravity. By AWT gravity is manifestation of shielding effect (supergravity), similar to Casimir force in 3D space. Massive objects are standing wave packets of energy, which spreads to their neighborhood in evanescent waves, which are making vacuum more dense. Because energy spreads more slowly in more dense environment, omnidirectional energy waves are retarded and shielded by this environment.

This model is consistent with Fatio-LeSage theory of gravitation, which remains after four hundred years the only theory capable to explain/predict the inverse square law, on which Bullialdus-Hooke-Newton's gravitational law and Einstein's field equations of general relativity are based (the potential energy field term and its gravitational constant are borrowed from gravitational law). Sailing boats at the undulating water surface are attracted together by the same mechanism.

Note that LeSage theory implies the existence of tachyons in form of "ultramundane universe particle flux" propagating in hidden dimensions, which is consistent with holographic principle.

The connection of gravity and omnidirectional universe expansion can be understood on background of general relativity and quantum mechanics theories duality, which is expressed in formal form by Maldacena's AdS/CFT correspondence and it manifests itself in most pronounced way of "vacuum catastrophe" in prediction of cosmological constant and density of vacuum, describing omnidirectional Universe expansion. Briefly speaking, quantum field theory observes particles and their gravitational lenses from exsintric (outer) perspective of flat space-time, so it considers the omnidirectional expansion of space-time as a collapse. By Schrodinger equation of quantum mechanics all wave packets of free particles would expand in speed of light, which is apparently unphysical solution. Such expansion is compensated by omnidirectional space-time collapse or by gravity field, which cannot be predicted/derived by using of quantum theory.

General relativity describes quantum wave packets and gravitational lenses from insintric perspective (where observer remains affected by gravity field) and it suffers the similar, just dual problem: it predicts the existence of black holes composed of gravitons and gravitational geons, composed of gravitational waves - but it cannot explain, why such object cannot collapse into singularity due their gravity. The concept of omnidirectional space-time expansion prohibits such collapse again. As we can see, the concept of omnidirectional expansion/collapse is closely linked into gravitational force in such a way, we can say, the gravitation is the acceleration force of omnidirectional universe expansion inside of gradient of vacuum density. By AWT omnidirectional universe expansion is an emergent dispersion phenomena, which we can experience inside of field of density fluctuations like during observation inside of fog or foam.

By using of particle model we can therefore predict/explain:
  1. Why strength of gravity is indirectly proportional to 2nd power of distance in 3D space-time and why gravity law becomes violated at the proximity toward higher dimensions (Casimir force operates in six dimensions and its indirectly proportional to fifth power of distance between spherical points, fourth power of distance between planparallel plates).
  2. Why speed of gravitational waves is inherently superluminal by the same way, like speed of underwater waves exceeds the speed of surface waves and why we cannot observe/detect gravitational waves by using of light directly, but by changes of cosmic microwave background noise intensity.

  3. Why the gravitational waves and force are so weak with comparison to electromagnetic waves/force by using of underwater/surface analogy again (the ratio of force constants of electromagnetic and gravitation (~10E+40) would correspond the ratio of speed of electromagnetic and gravitational waves propagation and the ratio of space-time expansion/compactification during inflation period)
  4. Why gravity is attractive force only in the world, where observable particles are of positive curvature only. In AWT the repulsing gravity is equivalent to pressure of radiation, energy field is an area of negative curvature (a "hole") of space. Inside of Lagrangian points the gravity field would become of repulsive character at least locally. Antimatter particles of negative surface curvature would exhibit an "antigravity" force at least partially.
  5. Why we cannot have a rigorous theory of quantum gravity. While general relativity and quantum theory are based on mutually reciprocal geometries and T-dual perspectives and formally inconsistent postulate set, we cannot expect an rigorously explicit and self-consistent theory based on quantum uncertainty. The string theory suffers the same conceptual problem, like quantum gravity and other quantum field theories.
  6. Why existence of life is related to presence of gravity. By AWT the last step of life evolution were tightly connected to gravitational force - not just to the electromagnetic forces and surface tension phenomena, which cannot enable the required degree of complexity and energy density of space-time events (i.e. mutations). It means, without gravity force (for example at the case of tiny planets in absence of tidal effects) the life could not evolve to the required degree of complexity so fast, if ever at all and organic life is not just adapted to gravity, but it even requires it for its formation and evolution.
  7. How we can reflect gravitational waves or shield gravitational force. In analogy to water surface, the longitudinal waves are reflected by density gradients composed of chaotically moving massive particles. By AWT such particles exists in superconductors due the compensation of repulsive forces of electrons under mutual pressure, which leads to delocalization of their quantum waves to macroscopic size, enabling shielding effect. When a gravitational wave at microwave frequencies impinges superconducting layer, the delocalization of the charge carriers causes them to undergo non-geodesic motion relative to the geodesic motion of the decohered holes in the superconductor lattice due the equivalence principle and charge separation. This excitation effect enhances the interaction of a gravitational wave with a superconductor relative to that of normal matter, so that the wave will be reflected from rotating superconducting film in gravitomagnetic analogy of Barnett Effect (1, 2).

    The gravitational shielding was observed first in Podkletnov's experiments above rotating superconductor disk and it was examined further by measuring of angular momentum by gravitometers and by fiber optic gyroscope signal (1, 2, 3) above rotating superconductors. From AWT follows, such shielding could hinder the formation of entangled states and "spooky action at distance" as well, thus increasing the stability and safety of quantum cryptography, for example.