Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Aether Wave Theory Introduction

Aether Wave Theory (AWT) is chaos based model of observable Universe based on luminiferous Aether model of Rene Descartes ("Principia Philosophiae", 1642), who proposed the Aether as an inertial particle environment, capable of energy spreading in waves. It's based on the assumption, the observable reality is recursively formed by scale invariant density gradients of hypothetical particle environment - so called the Aether. It's an extrapolation of "Boltzmann brain" concept: the complexity of density fluctuations in particle system can increase with mass/energy density of this system up to level, they may be able to interact/observe it's own environment by less or more conscious way. AWT follows ideas of discordian monism and pantheistic solipsism.

With compare to other Aether theories, AWT uses the assumption of (supposedly infinitely) high mass/energy density of Aether, which was proposed originally by Olivier J. Lodge ("Electric Theory of Matter", Harper Magazine. 1904), but if was later abandoned on behalf of formal theories, like relativity or quantum mechanics. The dense Aether concept follows from the fact, the light of very short wavelength cannot be mediated by sparse inertial environment in transversal waves.

The physical model of AWT is based on the assumption, the only observable portion of sufficiently dense inertial environment are the density gradients/fluctuations/waves of it - by the same way, like during observation of condensing supercritical fluid.
Inside of dense particle systems these fluctuations are similar to foam or sponge, being formed by heavily compacted density fluctuations of ideal Boltzmann gas. Most of energy is spreading along density gradients of such environment in transversal waves, i.e. by analogous way, like the light is spreading through vacuum.
These fluctuations can form a less or more continuous phase, which can exhibit another level of density fluctuations in the narrow range of conditions, when it behaves like foam or fluid, composed of fluctuations of another fluid. This Lifshitz point, which is used to model the triple point in condensed matter physics has increasing importance in renormalization of quantum gravity and various cosmology models.

The AWT extrapolates such observation to the infinite mass/energy density under assumption, whole Universe is composed by infinite number of recursively nested levels of Aether density fluctuations. By AWT the level, which we are living in, is forming the observable generation of Universe. In certain sense is dual to whole contemporary physics, which is atemporal due its adherence to formal math language: "Physics is not about the 'why' of things but the 'how'". In comparison with physics, AWT is trying to explain origin of observable thing and phenomena in logical way and it doesn't care about formal regressions of reality.

Max Planck: "A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."

If it's true, then the another progress in physics just waits for your death impatiently, dear colleagues....;-)  Remember it, while valuing your contribution to contemporary physics..