Saturday, November 08, 2008

Aether and beauty theory

By AWT the beauty is of evolutionary character, because just the evolution leads us to subconscious seeking of individuals, which are the most perspective with respect of information and energy spreading, i.e. with respect of further evolution. We are usually tend to believe, natural selection leads to averaging of most successful properties and the aesthetics is connected with perceiving of symmetry - but the latest research is demonstrating, the true is somewhat biased. The average faces and shapes are perceived as pleasant, but somewhat unattractive and boring, by the same way like perfectly symmetric ones, generated by computers (compare the photos of famous Cindy Crawford model bellow).

The another picture bellow is illustrating the average photo of sixty young women in its left part, while the sample of subjectively selected sample of fifteens most attractive faces on the right demonstrates, the pure average isn't a best criterion of natural beauty. Instead of this a slightly asymmetric faces, violated by beauty marks and another anomalies are perceived generally as most attractive ones.

By AWT the evolution leads to most temporal form of living matter, which can survive the changes of conditions and the most temporal forms of matter are formed by mass/energy density gradients, which are enabling the most effective energy/information spreading. This leads to the condensation of environment and formation of flat density fluctuations, forming the structure of nested foam. This is because the phase interface (a surface gradient) is just the place, where the energy can be spread by highest volume density. We can demonstrate it by using of water surface example: the water is of low compressibility, while the air is of low density. Therefore the water surface can spread most of energy during underwater explosions, because the highest concentration of density gradient is just here due the interference of longitudinal waves.

Therefore, a density gradients are formed inside of particle environment, whenever the energy density mediated by longitudinal waves between individual particles becomes insufficient for effective energy spreading. We can say, the particles are spreading energy collectively in causal density gradients, like collaborating intelligent creatures. The physicists are calling this process a condensation or - more generally - as a spontaneous symmetry breaking.

The newly formed density gradients have structure of foam, when the energy density increases, but under more thorough observation we can see, every membrane of foam is in fact formed by pair of tightly connected density gradients, i.e. phase interfaces. This arrangement is most stable with respect of further evolution and it's the reason of dual character of observable reality. The social system of living organisms is divided into two sexes, the political systems of two concurrent parties, even the world of physics is driven by two leading theories (relativity and quantum mechanics) and super-symmetry concept of two conjugated time arrows.

But because the energy spreading is constrained to density gradients, the duality symmetry is always violated, at least temporarily, which is known as a C/CP/CPT symmetry violation in physics (a fifth element or force). In context of evolution the pure average leads to best combination of genes, but the violation of this symmetry increases a probability of mutations, which are improving the ability of organism to resist occasional change of life conditions. As we can see, while requirements are mutually exclusive, just their combination can lead to the best fitness from long term perspective. From this point of view is significant, the individuals of mixed races are often perceived as being most attractive. Analogously, beauty-signs are related to ability/tendency of organism to undergo a mutations, albeit malign at times, being formed by melanocytic nevus.