Friday, February 20, 2009

AWT and socioeconomic structures

This post is a reaction to defensive stance of many objectivists, monetarists in particular, which are getting into conceptual troubles with contemporary financial crisis. Aether model of particle density fluctuations enables us to understand the mutual relation of socioeconomic structures, the dual character of communism and free market society in particular. By AWT free market society or "laissez-faire" capitalism, as proposed by some subjectivists corresponds the primitive communism society, which is behaving like thin sparse gas with high degree of symmetry (i.e. the space time of low number of spatial dimensions on behalf of temporal ones). Such particles are moving here rather freely and they're collide mutually via low distance interactions by simple and transparent set of individual probability driven rules.

When population density of such particle system increases, an emergent spontaneous symmetry breaking occurs and the energy/value spreading (i.e. the economy) of this system becomes driven by less or more apparent and global microscopical structures (i.e. (mem)branes of foam), which are obtaining a nested hierarchical structure gradually. When the system becomes sufficiently dense, the scope of foamy structures determines the motion of all particles - participants of this system by totalitarian way.

When social pressure inside of such system exceeds certain limit, a new emergent structure of individual density fluctuations inside of such dense system appears, which is serving as a promoter of subsequent phase transition, so called social revolution, which has often avalanche like character. And the whole social cycles repeats again, until society doesn't exhausts its sources. After then the social transition goes by opposite way back into free market or primitive communism economy.

While the analogy of social evolution and phase transitions is quite apparent, just common ignorance of Aether model has prohibit the scientists to model the evolution of society by easy, general and transparent way. This is the reason, why Aether concept was ignored both left, both right camp ideologies, because no ideology can like ballanced, duality based approach of AWT. It's a pity, as it would help to understand the physical mechanism of social crisis, wars and financial instabilities better. For example AWT explains origin of macroeconomic cycle by limited speed of information spreading through society or it explains wars as a consequence of social gradient in space-time, not just in space: the situation, when some country becomes richer or poor fast is much more dangerous, then stabilized neighbourhood of poor and rich countries. As the result, sociology and economics are still in very rudimentary stage of general understanding of human society, despite of high number of less or more formal models, which are trying to describe their subject locally.

From above model follows, AWT considers communism as a dual case of free market society, because utopistic character of both social systems depends on altruistic belief in human ability cooperate fairly without tendency to abuse system. It means, here's nothing wrong on communism or "laissez-faire" free market economy, with the only subtle, but crucial problem: both theories are ignoring social interactions and the "selfish" tendency of people to follow shortest path of energy density gradient due limited speed of information. As the result, both socioeconomic structures requiring support of high level social structures, i.e. government and their interventions to remain free and stable.

By AWT free market is a boson state of society, based on utopistic belief in human ability cooperate fairly without tendency to abuse system, by the same way, like communism. It's a dual ideology to communism. Paradoxically both they can survive just under adequate care of government - the more stronger, the more superfluous the social relationships are expected to be, so that the ratio of profit and taxes converges to 1:1 with increasing of money density exchange and Lafer curve becomes symmetric. Because people are simply undisciplined and self-seeking individuals - that's all. Therefore the tax freedom day defines well the overall state of macrosocioeconomic evolution.

Here's still subtle spontaneous CP symmetry violation, as the free market exhibits a rudimental set of principal microeconomic rules (the principle of supply and demand equilibrium in particular), while communism is only subjectively driven, which makes it more viable from evolutionary reason. Free market operates with current prices only, it doesn't reflect past or future by itself - so it's principally unstable and it undulates between financial boom and crisis. While these undulations may appear fatal for someone, they can drive the evolution of social system forward, until the external sources of society aren't depleted.

On the other hand, communism is dissipating it's sources by short distance interactions, so it behaves well under low energy density conditions, being more primitive. Centrally controlled system handles better long-term problems, like global warming or the life environment protection, because free market economy cannot evaluate well the price of extinct species, until they're not significant for economy (as a source of cancer cure, for example, or various biotechnologies). From this reason, society evolution converges to mixed arrangement, not pure communism or free market economy, despite of wishfull thinking and occasional propaganda of their opponents.

Now we could ask - whether free market didn't exist a well before the very first government has appeared? Yes, it did - but the energy density of such free market exchange was very low with compare to the present state, so its behavior was analogous to primitive capitalism. Now the civilization has collapsed into rather dense money and energy exchange state, so that the free market relationships can persist in very short distance interactions inside of families and close sectarian groups.

The contemporary financial crisis illustrates clearly, the keeping of bursa and highly derived financial products of advanced economy requires the strong patrolling role of state as well. And who didn't realize it is just an dangerous idealist. Most of political troubles of modern civilization were caused just by ideologies supported by various idealists, both proponents of free market society, both communism. Shooting the fanatics is probably not a really good way to expand tolerance, but we do need to keep pushing.


Zephir said...

Dense aether theory is politically agnostic and it explains, for keeping of principles of free market economy you will need a one administrative officer, who gaurds these rules per one libertian who will use them - which leads into shift of the day of tax freedom to the mid of year gradually. Both Laissez-faire capitalism, both communism are dual Utopias, because people are basically cheaters.

Zephir said...

A complex systems research group applies methods used to study particles to economic bubbles and crashes