Friday, January 15, 2010

AWT and CP symmetry violation

In AWT CP symmetry violation is a consequence of dispersion of energy through Aether foam with increasing number of dimensions. While the energy spread along space-time brane in symmetric way, with increasing mass/energy density the fragmentation of time dimensions occurs.  Quantum foam gets more dense with increasing energy density in similar way like soap foam under shaking and it changes itself into foam with small spherical bubbles similar to fluid, which results into collective motion of particles involved. The constituents of quark-gluon plasma are strongly coupled, causing their collective flow. This coupling is basically well known Yukawa coupling, which can be explained by presence of Higgs field. As I explained already here, formation of top-quark pairs can be interpreted like formation of Higgs bosons, which are of the same rest mass and mechanism of dilepton decay channel.

The fragmentation of quantum foam into smaller bubbles leads to fragmentation of time arrows and violation of jet symmetry during RHIC/LHC collisions of heavy atom nuclei. The same fragmentation can be observed near rotating black holes (Kerr solution leads to multiple event horiozons) and polarization of CMB at 40 MPc+ scale. The symmetry violation during jet formation could be explained by omnidirectional space-time expansion during torus spinning - the inner part of ring always rotates faster, so it's dragged into axis direction.
The violation of jet symmetry can be understood as an example of CP symmetry violation, which was observed first at the case of spin polarized and cooled cobalt-60 nuclei (1956), which are emanating electrons in asymmetric way. The same stuff we can observed at the case of jets of black holes (like the famous M87 and Centaurus A, which are asymmetric in similar way, like jets emanated by quark-gluon plasma during collider experiments. The second jet should be formed by jet of supersymetric particles, fotinos in particular. The absorption of jet demonstrates, how easily the QG plasma can be feeded by matter under formation of strangelets or even black holes.

In this connection it may be significant, CMB cold spot is unpaired too (if the observable Universe is formed by black hole, we could see through polar jet into hyper-universe). The observed parity violation of galaxies and CMB Doppler anisotropy should be correlated to CMB cold spot direction, too. Because jets of black holes are exaggerated example of gravity brightening, we could observe CP symmetry violation by difference of polar temperatures and curvatures at the case of giant rotating stars, too. In this connection it's interesting too, even Earth globe has a pear shape, which deforms Earth ellipsoid by elevation of about two hundred meters at north pole. It's interesting, Christopher Columbus considered it in 17th century already, while promoting westward voyage to Cathay (China) or Zipangu (Japan).

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Zephir said...

Scientists at RHIC report hints of profound symmetry transformations.

Jet suppression is an evidence of broken symmetry and it was observed already at Tevatron in Fermilab during 1.96 TeV collisions.

Such parity violation is an analogy of asymmetric jet suppression of many black holes and it was observed first for cooled polarized radioactive cobalt nuclei, which are emanating electrons in one direction preferably. It could be modelled by vortex of compressible gravitating fluid.