Monday, November 10, 2008

AWT and worm holes

How the AWT can explain the so-called WMAP cold spot? At first, the CMB spot can be interpreted by many other ways, the model presented bellow is just one of many explanations possible, even in the scope of AWT itself. The WMAP cold spot is the coldest place of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) in the constellation of Eridanus, which is visible fully only from Southern hemisphere. The importance of CMB cold spot is given by the fact, it exhibits not only the lower CMB intensity/frequency, but the lower concentration of observable objects as well.

By famous astronomer Laura Mersini such "hole" can be interpreted as a manifestation of parallel Universe. Laura predicts, such cold spot should be observed even on another places. The Aether Wave Theory considers, the current Universe generation is sort of black hole-like artifact, which is sitting inside of another generation of Universe. In our universe the black holes are forming the binary systems (i.e. the quasar pair revolving each other) quite often, so it's possible, our Universe generation is part of such system, too. After then the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridge will be formed inbetween, which will appear as so-called wormhole from inside. From outside view the same stuff would appear like common vacuum, just with strong lensing effect.
Between pair of black holes the total reflection condition required for event horizon formation remains violated less or more totally, so that it’s possible to see from one universe/quasar into another one through “window”. The following pictures are illustrating such concept clearly, I hope.

From the above model follows, the black hole can be considered as a dense blobs of Aether and the event horizon is sort of total reflection phenomena. Inside of dense vacuum near black holes we can expect the stabilization of many highly energetic forms of matter, which are decomposing quickly under common conditions (including sterile electrons, magnetic monopoles, heavy quarks and strangelets, etc.).

The above model leads to a new interpretation of so called Einstein-Rosen bridge, which is generally considered as a sort of so-called the "worm hole". It illustrates clearly, such bridge forms a connection between pair of closely adjacent Universe generations. By AWT foam concept this doesn't means, both parts of universe must be separated completely. We can see on the scheme bellow, such bridge can connect only two distant "peninsulas" of our Universe generation.


Under more detailed view the black hole is behaving like giant quantum wave, which is undulating beneath the event horizon like elastic blob, so it can exchange their mass/energy in gravitation waves through hidden dimensions with its closest neighborhood. So that the nature of bridge can change with time accordingly and it can even disappear temporarily. This insight renders the closest Universe neighborhood as a rather dynamic systems with underlying inflation and corresponding baryogenesis or space/time ripping, instead.


Zephir said...

Some Stars could have Wormholes at their Cores, say Astrophysicists
IMO "worm hole" is quite trivial end of every merging of neutron stars. The thin neck formed will be filled with neutron superfluid from the cores of both stars. I don't understand, why such neck should allow us to travel into "another universes"... It's sad, physicists didn't realize, what they're really describing with their abstract models even after seventy years...

Zephir said...

Biggest void in universe may explain cosmic cold spot: A cold spot in the big bang's afterglow may be a "shadow" of the biggest known hole in the cosmos – not a sign of a collision with another universe