Sunday, May 10, 2009

AWT and quintessence concept

In physics, quintessence is a hypothetical form of dark energy postulated as an explanation of observations of an accelerating of universe expansion. Quintessence causes the effect we experience as gravity. Since quintessence exists only in empty space, it does not exist where sub-atomic particles exist. A planet such as the Earth consists of many sub-atomic particles, and between those particles, quintessence exists.

Since Earth's moon consists of fewer sub-atomic particles than those that make up the Earth, there is a smaller volume where quintessence is absent when compared to the Earth. Therefore, the push from quintessence is less restricted by the moon. Hence, the difference in the quintessence push from the volume of space encompassed by the moon versus the volume of space encompassed by the Earth results in what we experience as the pull of gravity.

The quintessence concept follows from diffusion of particles in dense Aether model of AWT and it corresponds the "ultramundane flux" (i.e. flux of tachyons or gravitational waves), which was conjectured by Fatio/Le Sage theory of gravitation (1690) before more than three hundred years.

The usage of new denomination for classical well known concepts of former authors without quotation violates the principles of Occam's razor and scientific priority and it's called a plagiarism. In this case it's rather an another attempt of mainstream proponents to cover the apparent fact, they fighted against Aether concept for many years, while adopting Aether ideas quietly on background - thus fooling the publicity and itself (the usage of Lorentz invariance or Lagrangian and Hamilton mechanics borrowed from Aether theory is the problem of the same category).

In dual way, we can consider introduction of quintessence concept like attempt, how to avoid the censorship of peer-review during presenting of extrapolations of Aether theory. Every sectarian community doesn't allow and tolerate mistakes in the eyes of publicity, which leads to reintroduction of formerly misunderstood ideas under new names. Such behavior is even more stupid and amoral, then the stance of Holy Church, which simply refused scientific ideas - but it didn't stole them for the sake of its theology.

In AWT the dark energy is the mechanism dual to dark matter, i.e. the surface tension of density blobs of vacuum, which are source of gravity field and gravitational lensing phenomena. On the outer sides of every blob the gravity field is of negative curvature, which leads to repulsive force at the distance. The same effect is responsible for weak nuclear force at short distances or for repulsion of mercury droplets at human scale. It means, when massive objects during inflation achieve certain critical distance, they're repelled by repulsive force instead of attraction.

Neither AWT, neither relativity theory are forced to consider quintessence at all, because
  1. omnidirectional expansion of space-time is one of implicit consequences of general relativity (a positive or negative cosmological constant)
  2. the omnidirectional expansion of space-time in connection of curvature of space-time concept of gravity field in general relativity leads to the very same effect, like the quintessence.
Which basically means, quintessence concept is redundant both for aetherists, both for relativists - as both the dark energy, both dark matter phenomena can be explained by existing theories without (re)introduction of ad-hoced concepts and postulates.


Anonymous said...

Zephir you are totally lost into your mind :-D

Ciudadano Kane said...


Behind of the many criticism towards Zephir, you are trying to avoid exposing your own ideas on physics. Probably you're frustrated for this fact, and you are seeking revenge by means of the insults against Zephir. It's rather a bad strategy to resolve your problems because the problem is you and not Zephir or AWT.

Zephir said...

Erik Verlinde derives the Newton law by holographic principle. We can see a deep analogy with Duillier/Le-Sage theory here: just replace bits of information by particles (information has no mass so it remains physically undetectable), "projection" by ultramundane particle shielding, Unruh's thermal flux by ultramundane particle flux, and so on. The value for G comes out correctly if we enter for Abit the value corresponding to a Planck area. However, the Planck area (ћG/c3) is itself defined in terms of Newton's gravitational constant G. Have we not introduced a circular reasoning here? General relativity itself is using Newton gravitational law for derivation of Einstein's field equations - so such claim is just a sort of circular reasoning.

Evolution works in circles.