Monday, May 18, 2009

AWT and one-to-many duality

In AWT the existence of dualities is inherent an it follows from concept of gradient driven reality, which the AWT is based on. As the most general example of duality we can consider one-to-many duality (1:N relation). It's a permutation group, which surjectivelly maps every local object (i.e. number of particular configurations of many conformal states possible inside of object) to its probability distribution at the rest of space (probability of the occurance of these states outside of object). Because Universe is composed of nested density fluctuations from human perspective, people are naturally one of these fluctuations and the scope of their interactions (so called "human scale") is placed near the center of dimensional/energy density scale of observable Universe. We can say, the people are living at the middle of space-time brane, i.e. near inflexion point of density gradient, forming observable Universe, because it's the place of maximal complexity (i.e. space-time events enabling mutations during mankind evolution).

One of observable consequences of this insight is, habitable zone is placed in the middle of Milky Way galaxy boundary and the habitable zone is placed in the middle of solar system. From the very same reason we can expect, life has evolved at the gas-fluid-solid phase interface as well.

One to many duality manifests by many other ways. One observation may be, the most distant objects at the Planck boundary of observable Universe scale (i.e. the future boundary with respect to omnidirectional space-time expansion) are one-to-many dual to objects, living at the opposite boundary, i.e. the cosmological one (i.e. the past boundary). The semicontinuos counterpart of one-to-many duality is the famous AdS/CFT duality. It means, common black holes are dual to elementary particles - especially if we consider quantum gravity models of black holes, not just these relativistic ones.

By AWT elementary particles are formed by clusters of many smaller particles (virtual quarks) as well. The overlapping interactions (distance forces) of individual particles collapsed is what makes the composite interactions in many dimensions for us. If we imagine black holes as a dense stars full of particles, the conceptual similarity becomes quite apparent here.

If we consider common black holes as a gravitons or gravitational waves stars (gravastars or gravitational geons), then the counterpart of leptons are neutrino stars and the counterpart of mesons are unstable quark stars, which are composed of many quarks. The counterparts of baryons, neutrons in particular are the stable neutron stars. The common atom nuclei are 1:N related to collapsed stars, so-called white dwars and the common stars are dual to common atoms. Planets are dual to molecules, being formed by them. Well, and humans are 1:N dual to human civilization, living at the middle of their own scale.

We can deduce many fundamental aspects of reality (like the symmetry breaking) from the 1:N duality, i.e. from the fact, we are forming part of observable Universe - but not vice-versa. One consequence is, the curvature of all observable objects "inside" of our Universe is inherently positive and we can perceive them as a particles of matter, whereas the negative curvature objects are forming invisible holes, "voids" or particles of energy for us. Such conclusion may appear trivial for someone - but without AWT concept we probably never could explain it in logical way.

Please note that the implicate logic and formal math theorems are 1:N dual as well, because every formal theorem is based on many implications used in its derivation. Which can explain, why AWT appears so different with respect to mainstream physics, based on formal math.


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dear Zeph don`t giv me that crap!!!

Zephir said...

Well, Lubos Motl calls me "dear"> at times...;-)

It's called a "decorum", but he affraids that me - or other stinky assholes - cannot be explained such things..;-)

Zephir said...

We know, for microscale swimmers, the viscosity of water presents a much bigger barrier to motion than we are used to on everyday scales. It is like swimming through honey for a human: any forward movement during one half of a swimming stroke would be negated by an opposite backwards motion in the second half, with the result that the swimmer goes nowhere.

If we extrapolate such insight into cosmic scale, we could say, we are able to move through vacuum without friction just because we are so large with compare to the particles forming the vacuum.

Zephir said...

In his work of fractal universal scaling Robert L. Demelo is mapping all celestial objects to their quantum counterparts mathematically.