Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why AWT is more general, then relativity and quantum mechanics?

The general character of AWT is given by its implicit, recursive nature, thus fulfilling the Ouroboros archetype. From AWT follows, whatever theory of your personal preference can be made nearly as general, as AWT simply by introducing of recursion concept into it, so it will obtain a fractal character of nested Aether foam. The so-called double quantization or double relativity can be considered as a first unconscious attempts to give an implicit character to existing formal theories.

But AWT still remains more general, then every fractal version of relativity or quantum mechanics or their combination, because of lower number of ad-hoced postulates required. In addition, the classical (Newtonian) character of AWT makes the Aether most symmetric and as such atemporal description of reality, i.e. stable dual brane in causal space-time of many theories possible. By AWT the character of relativity (the special relativity in particular) is given simply by fact, it describes the wave spreading from internal perspective exclusively - i.e. from perspective of the very same wave, which is serving for information spreading, while being strictly Lorentz invariance based. This introduces a causal bias into interpretation of observation.

With compare to relativity, the quantum mechanics is dual to relativity, i.e. by strictly outer perspective driven, as it always describes the energy wave spreading and space-time deforms from perspective of observer, which stays outside such deforms and it has some reference wave/frame available (i.e. it's Lorentz symmetry violation based). While the classical mechanics still enables us to describe for example the surface wave spreading both from perspective of surface wave (i.e. from relativistic perspective), both from light or sound wave perspective (the quantum mechanics approach). So we can consider the classical physics as a conceptual environment, which enables us to seamlessly reconcile the quantum mechanics and relativity by unique way with respect to correspondence principle without introduction of interpretation bias on background. And this is rather strong point of Aether concept - it can seamlessly connect the relativity and quantum mechanics on all ends of both energetic, both dimensional scales.

From the above follows, the contemporary view of classical mechanics as a special cases of both relativity, both quantum mechanics is fundamentally incorrect, as the exactly the opposite is true here: both relativity, both quantum mechanics are special, biased view of chaotic particle system, as described by classical mechanics, instead.

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Zephir said...

Albert Einstein considered already, that the human stupidity may be bigger than the whole Universe: "Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe.". If the Universe is expanding with speed of light and the human stupidity is still bigger, it would indicate clearly, that the human thoughts can be superluminal.