Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why AWT forms the most general description of reality?

From general perspective, the AWT is the theory of zero-dimensional objects (i.e. particles) in infinitely-dimensional space-time. This view is apparently more general then for example string theory of one-dimensional objects in 10 to 11-dimensional space, as it doesn't introduce any arbitrary assumptions about dimensionality of space-time and/or particle structure or geometry.

For some people, AWT may appear as being dual to generalized geometrodynamics concept introduced into physics by J.A.Wheeler, because the concept of nested deformations of space-time can be transformed into concept of nested density gradients of Aether without apparent lost of information. But by my opinion, the opposite way is not possible and therefore AWT is slightly more general then every theory based on space and time concepts, because it can explain the common nature of space and time, while for geometrodynamical theory the space and time concepts remains ad-hoced, i.e. postulated quantities.

We can understand it for example by using of water surface model, which can serve as a local space-time for surface waves. AWT enables us to describe the underwater by model of chaotic environment, even though the surface waves cannot spread through it and therefore the underwater doesn't exists from surface waves perspective. We can see, AWT can describe even the behavior of environment, which cannot serve as a causal space-time at all.

Another reason for AWT priority from TOE perspective is gnoseologic. The particle concept remains the only physical concept, which is known for people for ancient times and it doesn't require any deeper explanations - with compare to space and time, whose nature is unclear without introduction of Aether concept. The people have understood the concept of particle system a much earlier, then they ever understood the space and time concept. This is because the space and time are abstract quantities with no physical attributes, so that every assumption about space-time deformation or waves tries to assign some physical attributes to abstract quantities by ad-hoced way, which is unacceptable from causal point of view. By such way, the concept of chaotic particle environment itself can serve as a TOE, because it doesn't relies upon unexplained yet artifacts, like the space and time quantities.

We should still realize, such environment is unthinkable without some time and space on background. Such environment is atemporal and void space from perspective of both radiative, both thermodynamical time arrow, because it doesn't enable both the causal energy spreading, both the further entropy increasing. The only time arrow, which persists here is the anthropocentric (psychological) one, which isn't defined and very relevant from physical point of view. Therefore the psychological time arrow is the only clue for further questions about Aether origin and existence.

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