Friday, October 31, 2008

Archetypes, symbols and Aether concept

As a quite fundamental "TOE" theory, AWT has close relation to many archetypes, which were developed in human society for years. Five elements archetype of sacred geometry was disputed already here in connection to heteorotic nested condensation of Aether foam by approach analogous to causal dynamic triangulation (CDT), used in quantum gravity theories.

Another well known archetype is Ouroboros concept (Cordylus giganteus), related to implicit surfaces of topology, the Mobius strip and Klein bottle in particular. By AWT the energy in form of transversal waves is spreading through field of nested Aether density fluctuations like the light through foam and after certain distance from observer is being dispersed and curved by Lorentz transform into scalar field of particles, i.e. longitudinal waves spreading in noncausual way by Huyghens-Fresnel principle, so that the interior of objects becomes observed as a their exterior and vice-versa.

By such way we can interpret for example the microwave background of Universe (CMB) as a Hawking radiation of black hole, whole lifespan corresponds the Universe age and the material density corresponds the energy density of vacuum (as estimated by third power of Planck constant) - so we can say, we can observe our Universe both from inside, both from outside perspective via surface of distant quasars at the "same moments", which are separated by light cone.

By AWT the event horizon of black holes is exaggerated example of gravitational lensing, which leads to the total reflection phenomena. During travel into black hole we could see (providing we could survive such travel without evaporation), the event horizon is opening gradually and at the certain moment it would disappear under formation of another event horizon behind our back. The space-time inhomogeneities would create another black holes around a sky - so we could see, the former Universe generation is formed by black hole as well, the inner surface of which is behaving like one-way mirror, reflecting blue color preferably.

This brings a hell and heaven archetype, as the outer surface of black hole resembles an attracting hole of the hell, glowing in dark red via Hawking mechanism - while the same artifact from inside would appear like reflecting and repulsive bladachino tabernacle resembling the mirror-like silver sky with bluish cloud undulating majestically, i.e. a heavens. Maybe we are really a remote descendants of ancient creatures, who passed the event horizon of small black hole to escape its collapse and space-rip in distant past, who knows? Anyway, this model has it's own modern interpretations in "cosmic hall of mirrors" concept, if we consider the strong red shift will change the bluish glow of heavens into dim infrared glow from long distance perspective. Maybe the infrared images of "first stars generation" on background of microwave radiation can be interpreted as a mirrored images of distant stars from internal walls of our Universe generation.

The above observations leads to concept of Universe as a dense foamy cluster of small black holes, the size of which from outside perspective corresponds the wavelength of CMB, human neurons and wavelength of capillary waves at the water surface, and it forms the "middle" of dimensional scale for human creatures, because the energy is moving by slowest speed in most Aether phases here, so it enables temporal evolution of maximal complexity/neg-entropy.

Fortunately, not all symbols are related to AWT closely - we can note this at the case of red heart shape in connection to recent research of sexual symbolism of red color. The Valentine heart doesn't mean: "I love you seriously, I'm not bullshitting you" - it could rather mean "I'm ape-shitting you". After all, do we know, how strong the ape love can be? When a red heart shape is often used by Asian women on lips, we are facing a double estrous symbolism in this case.


Zephir said...

Women attracted to men in red, research shows...

I don't believe, all preferences are of pure sexual origin. It's well known, women are liking pink and red color in general, while males prefer shades of blue. Men can distinguish more shades of blue color, because they're looking often at horizon at distance (being hunters by their nature). Women collected red fruits for food from proximity, so they're more sensible at the red-green part of spectrum.

Zephir said...

In connection to newly revealed rectangular shape of Milky Way galaxy the following question arises: wasn't the swastika used as a "wheel of suns", i.e. cosmic symbol in eastern countries?

The dodecahedron used as the symbol fifth element, aether or Universe brings the resemblance of structure of dark matter and heteorotic nested condensation of Aether foam

It would point to cosmological origin of many symbols of sacred geometry.

Zephir said...

The proponents of mainstream physics are remarkably consistent regarding dismissal of both aether model, both hypothesis of God. IMO it's because both models share a common origin, i.e. the assumption of underlying hidden causal reality, which is omnipresent and omnipotent, but it manifests itself only in subtle way at the common life. IMO the notion of God of many religions comes just from the instinctive feeling of this hidden underlying reality, in this sense the religion has its rational physical origin. Note that the completely chaotic phenomena can be interpreted like the manifestation of intelligent deity in hyperdimensions. For our animal pets our conscious behaviour would appear completely incomprehensible, random and unpredictable and we are at the same position regarding the quantum or Brownian noise.

Zephir said...

The dark energy, inflation and Big Bang singularity were all introduced just to explain observations - so we indeed do have the evidence for all these things. The question is, if these explanations are correct from more general perspective. As the level of technology improves, we observe more and more distant areas of Universe, which allows us to apply extrinsic perspective to existing intrinsic observations. This is how the flat Earth model has been replaced with spherical one, geocentric solar system with heliocentric one, the Milky Way Universe with Universe of many galaxies, the Big Bang Universe with Steady State multiverse. This evolution always replaces the antropocentric model with Copernician principle and it's probable, it will continue in future too.

In this connection it's significant, at the very beginning the people always considered the more general model first. The old Greece believed in spherical Earth, the old Arabian in heliocentric model, the even older swastika symbol for Milky Way means "the wheel of Suns" in Sancrit and it represents its rectangular shape with infinity symbol at its center.

And the ancient vedian prana archetype points to infinite eternal Universe. It seems, the old people always believed in extrinsic model first (as it requires less postulates), but the formally thinking science has replaced it with intrinsic model and just after time it returned back into extrinsic one. IMO this evolution of Universe understanding is lawful and predictable and it follows from dense aether theory, it's dispersive mechanism of information spreading in particular.

Zephir said...

This dispersive model corresponds the character of wave spreading along water surface. At the shortest distance the surface waves are dispersing into indeterministic Brownian noise in longitudinal waves, at the larger distances the deterministic transverse waves become dominant, which correspond the formal strictly deterministic approach of formal rigour based science. But at the most distant areas this deterministic model changes into indeterministic again and the transverse ripples are dispersing back into longitudinal waves in the way, which doesn't differ from the short distance conceptually, with exception of its distance and energy density scale.

In this context it's not so surprising, the ancient most primitive people understood the universe in similar way, like these most advanced ones today.

Zephir said...

The distribution of inner planets inside of solar system is not random, as J. Kepler noted already, which implies, the Solar Nebular Disk Model will be more relevant here. The density fluctuations inside of dense gas will follow the dodecahedral geometry of hypersphere particle packing, which we can seen inside of fluctuations of dark matter and this geometry could even take place during formation of planets from sufficiently dense protoplanetary disk. This model could explain the retrograde tilt of Venus and Uranus planets, too. The outer planets were rather formed with accretion, i.e. from bottom up, because they emerged from more sparse areas of protoplanetary disk.

Zephir said...

Has the Milky Way Lost Weight? Milky Way May Be More Massive Than Thought

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Duck face or a** face?

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Heaven's gate