Sunday, September 07, 2008

How the AWT affects expert's thinking in "quiet"..

Before two years a former Harvard professor Lubos Motl well known in biosphere was firmly convinced proponent of anti-aether lobby - but now he's promoting an Aether concept openly, albeit he's working in physics for years and he censored it in his blog comments obstinately.

This example just demonstrates clearly, how scrambled many people (even those most formally "qualified" ones..) can be concerning the trivial Aether concept. From AWT follows, the character of new ideas spreading corresponds a common phase transition inside of multiparticle system as a result of symmetry breaking, for example the character of boiling near water surface.

At the very beginning the new ideas are propagating like tiny isolated islands through society. Most of ideas will not survive negativistic stance of surrounding environment and they will collapse again like bubbles near boiling surface. Their proponents don't understand their common points, so they're repelled by surface tension mutually like tiny bubbles and they're even fighting mutually due energy competetion. Gradually, the number of people understanding new ideas increases and the mainstream community is starting to integrate/steal them into system of existing theories (for example, string and quantum foam, fractal or gradient reality, emergence or unparticle concept of Aether theory adopted by mainstream theories as an example).

At certain moment, an inverse population is reached and the intersubjective thinking will suddenly switch into new conceptual paradigm from distant outer perspective, so such transition appears sharp like surface of black hole event horizon. However, from internal observer perspective such transition often appears seamlessly continuous, because their proponents didn't realize change of intersubjective thinking, being isolated from reality in their ivory towers like tiny isolated black holes or elementary particles due their strong surface gradient of information density (compare the "fuzzball" concept of event horizon). These proponents of old paradigm will become isolated in their stance gradually, so they play a role of rare antiparticles persisting in diaspora inside of new conceptual continuum. And whole evolution can repeat again.

We can observe many other analogies to material world here. For example, active proponents of ideas are often attracted by super-symmetrical particles, which are playing role of opposition by the same way, like antiparticle clouds of dark matter occurs at the presence of massive objects as a result of strong gradient of gravity field. The short-seeing proponents of ideas are often behaving like black holes due total reflection, so they lose ability to exchange their ideas with the rest of society at all. We are saying, such person anticipate their time in relation to omni-directional space-time expansion.

As the result, behavior of biological systems or society and propagation of enthropy density and memes can learn us a lot about energy and matter spreading through Aether - and vice-versa.

And that's the memo. ;-)


Anonymous said...

You are a quack !!

Zephir said...

Yes, the existence of quack or cracpot criterions is typical for every mainstream society and AWT predicts the formation of such criterions as a result of symmetry breaking.

From AWT follows, every sufficiently large community will develop its own lists of criterions and rules, which could help to distinguish the harmful ideas violating the society integrity even without having familiar with such ideas at all.

Such criterions are playing a simmilar role for such society, like density fluctuations for condensed gas: they enable to distinguish faster the ideas, which are consistent and nonconsistent with such community, in certain sense they're acellerating the intersubjective opinion spreading by the same way, like density fluctuations are acellerating the energy spreading inside of condensing gas.

Therefore, the existence of lists of "crackpot/quack criterions" can be considered as an experimental confirmation of AWT and a manifestation of oncoming phase transform of such society in near future.

Anonymous said...

Zephir said...

Yes, I know about these articles.

"Aether" of Sean Carroll and Heywood Tam is based on formal definition of so called "Einsteinian Aether" as a vector field, which misses the dual and emergent particle nature of original Aether concept completelly.

This theory is based on idea, the Aether MUST violate the Lorentz symmetry, so that the Lense-Thirring effects and others can be modeled by vector field as a result of Aether dragging.

But from AWT follows, particle environment concept enables to consider both Lorentz invariance, both Lorentz invariance violation at the same moment because both transversal, both longitudinal waves always coexists here all the time. By such way, the Aether concept is very invariant to Lorentz invariance.

The Aether formal models of Aether shouldn't be biased toward some vector field or relativity - or they simply wouldn't describe Aether, but some particular model of it. We can rather consider the Einsteinian Aether as one of many ways, by which the Aether concept can be modeled by formal math.

Ciudadano Kane said...


Do you know why the scientific community will never take your ideas seriously? Because, AWT has never been and will never be useful to solve engineering problems. Unlike the central theories of physics, namely Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics, Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, which have been and will be very useful tools to solve the technological problems that challenge to mankind.


Zephir said...

If particle simulation can solve hydrodynamic models, why AWT couldn't solve for example model of atom nuclei? And formal theories would never solve human problem with Universe understanding. Guess what, who counts more: engineers - or the rest of people, who are paying them..?