Monday, September 08, 2008

Correspondence of AWT and other theories

The Aether concept as a "zero dimensional particle theory" is quite fundamental TOE and it cannot be omitted from physics due the Occam's razor and Anderson's "More is different" principle. It serves as a conceptual Newtonian mechanics based glue between relativity theory and quantum mechanics both on cosmic energy/distance scale, both on Planck scale. But the Aether multi-particle concept goes even deeper - it can help us to redefine the whole observable reality on the background of probability calculus. It's not still the ultimate approach, as it cannot explain, which the Aether is composed from and why reality exists. But if we consider, the reality exists and its composed of infinitely many pieces/units, it enables us to predict the appearance of this reality on the background of scale invariant fluctuations of such system.

The Aether Wave Theory is closely related to Constructal theory, Process Physics, Unparticle Physics and Emergence Theory - it can serve as the conceptual base of all these theories. The concept of Aether foam covers the quantum foam or spin network of LQG theory, the protosimplex lattice of Heim theory or the recent string net liquid concept. And the non-linear properties of Aether foam can reconcile the dual aspects of general relativity and quantum mechanics and quantum field theories (the free fermion models of string field theories in particular). As a particle theory the AWT is closely related to Garett's E8 group theory, because the Lie E8 group describes the tightest structure of hypersphere particles, exchanged by another particles, recursively.

If all these theories are relevant each other - as the correspondence principle requires - here must exist some common connecting point/concept and we are forced to find it, because it's unacceptable to have so many theories, which are incompatible each other. Therefore the AWT isn't limited to realm of physics, as it describes the general connections/interactions inside of all multicomponent systems, including the biology and sociology and theories of information spreading.


Anonymous said...


Great Idea,

We can try to found a mathematical background for AWT by means of Complex System Theory. Maybe there are in this theory very good tools to describe the AWT mechanics. In an equivalent manner, we can use the intuition that we have about AWT to achieve many breakthroughs in Complex System science.
One question, Do you think that Change Climate is a pseudoscientific field?

I have always thought that we could consider the Change Climate like a scientific field if we dealt it adequately.

Anonymous said...


You wrote:

"The concept of Aether foam covers the quantum foam or spin network of LQG theory
as the correspondence principle requires"

This assertion is of paramount importance. Let's see it.

I've never been committed to the idea that LQG describes the quantum gravity in a correct way. As you know, LQG is a proposed theory for quantum gravity and it's background independent. It's formulated on a Quantum Geometry which is described mathematically by means of Spin Networks. The Spin Networks evolves over time and forms a Spin Foams, i.e. the Spin Networks can be considered the boundary of the Spin Foams.
Suppose the simplest case, namely, a space with a single node. Some line segments come out from this node and these line segments also finish over the same node, i.e. the line segments form loops. Well due to Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, the spin network must evolve and new nodes arise. If new nodes wouldn't arise then we can to fix the space and linear momentum at once and this violates the Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle ;-).
Therefore the space is expanded. But, at start of time, the big bang can be modelled with this simple space (space with a single node) and the inflation can be modelled by the expansion of space (emergence of new nodes). Well, to date, why has anyone made precise calculations and has derived the rate of this expansion? Because, I think that this model doesn't work and the inflation can't be explained using LQG. The inflation is seen likely in the current cosmological models. About string theory is better don't talk. From my viewpoint, the best and most simple theory to explain QG (without taking into account AWT) is described in the Weinfurtner's paper, (namely Emergent spacetimes).

The best.

Zephir said...

/*..the inflation can't be explained using LQG..*/
I'm not LQG proponent - but I don't think, the inflation cannot be explained by LQG (at least conceptually) - because the inflation is basically the process of condensation (thickening) of spin foam (as you correctly stated) and it has been modeled by Lee Smolin as a process of new connection points formation (emergence?). The picture bellow is his own illustration of that process, so I suppose, he knows, what he's talking about.

This doesn't say, indeed, the LQG is quite exact description of real Aether foam behavior.

Zephir said...

This approach is named the Causal Dynamical Triangulation (CDT) and in fact it just makes the LQG background independent. Of course, in LQG it's somewhat ad-hoced concept, but it's working here.

Anonymous said...

Lee Smolin is a very competent scientific (and under my humble viewpoint he's one of the best physicists and he has an open mind). Smolin knows much more than me on this matter. If I'm honest then I've to admit that I know very little about Causal Dynamical Triangulation. I have heard a little about this theory. I also want to inform to the readers of this blog that many things that I wrote and I will write here could be wrongs, Sorry. Zephir, thanks for your wise notes. I'm going to read a lot on this matter and I will try to learn more. My intention wasn't put it lightly, sorry :-(.

I didn't want to say that LQG can't account for inflation, I just wanted to say that LQG can´t account for the rate of inflation. But I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

While I was investigating how It can be constructed a mathematical background for AWT I've just discovered this article in Wikipedia and I couldn't resist to write this comment.

The Heim theory.

I am very excited because with his theory Heim was able to predict the mass of elementary particles with a formidable precision. Specifically it's claimed that Heim Theory does the followings predictions:

1. Masses of neutrinos (the mass of the rest elementary particles are postdictions)
2. Predictions of new particles
3. Predictions of excited states of existing particles
4. Predictions for the conversion of photons into the so-called "gravito-photons" resulting in a measurable force

Moreover at Wikipedia is said:

"Heim predicted in the 1980s that neutrinos would have nonzero mass"

We mustn't forget that the Standard Model (without any modification) predicts a zero rest mass for the neutrino. If you fixed your attention in the table of the wikipedia's article then you can see that the predictions (and postdictions) for masses and mean life's of the Heim Theory are spectaculars.

In this article is said the followings transcendental assertions.

1. Heim theory, similar to loop quantum gravity theory and unlike String Theory is background independent
2. In Heim theory, quarks are interpreted as 'condensation zones' of the six-dimensional internal structure of the particles.
3. Empirical confirmation of supersymmetry (for example detecting the hypothetical Lightest Supersymmetric Particle or any other particle predicted by the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model) would falsify all existing versions of Heim theory, which are mutually exclusive with supersymmetry
4. Heim theory is said to be a Higgs-less theory as it is not dependent on the Higgs mechanism for the concept of mass
5. Heim had predicted what he termed a 'contrabary' effect whereby photons, under the influence of a strong magnetic field in a certain configuration, could be transformed into 'gravito-photons', which would provide an artificial gravity force. (...) A further prediction of Heim-Droscher theory shows how a different arrangement of the experiment by Tajmar et al. could produce a vertical force against the direction of the Earth's gravity.

And the more important:

6. There are some differences between the original "Heim Theory" and the extended versions proposed by his successors. For example, in its original version Heim theory has six dimensions, i.e. the 4 of normal space-time with two extra timelike dimensions. Droescher first extended this to eight and claimed that this yields quantum electrodynamics along with the "particle zoo" of mesons and baryons. Later, four more dimensions were used to arrive to the twelve dimension version, which involves extra gravitational forces; one of these corresponds to quintessence [6]. All of these extended theories are often called "Heim theories."Heim derived a constraint and upper limit on the number of possible dimensions-- namely 12.

All these are undeniable signs. The AWT is no more than Heim theory and Heim Theory is no more than AWT. That's. AWT and Heim theory are dual theories. Although, I think that AWT is more developed than Heim Theory from a conceptual point of view and Heim Theory is more developed than AWT from a mathematical point of view.

Zephir, I am very very thrilled, ZEPHIR YOU ARE A GENIUS.

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks. [:-)].

Zephir said...

/*.. AWT is more developed than Heim Theory from a conceptual point of view and Heim Theory is more developed than AWT from a mathematical point of view.. */
Well, exactly...;-)

While in Heim theory the metron concept and protosimplex lattice appears as ingenious, but somewhat ad hoced proposal, it would be quite interesting to reveal Heim's true motivations, which have lead to the postulation of these concepts.

Ciudadano Kane said...

Dear Zbyněk, it would be nice if there were such a German Hawking, and they had a similarly hard life, except that Heim's theories make no sense and can be classified as vacuous numerology. Sorry if that sounds cruel but it's what they are. Cheers, LM

Lubos Motl

Zephir said...

I usually perceive Lubos denouncements as an expression of rather transparent combination of jealousy and fear of competetion - his latest post based on attacks to Verlinde is the stuff of the same cathegory. It's interesting the more, untill now holographic principle was considered a "viable approach" to string theory - but now it's evident, it becomes "too succesfull" both for stringy, both for loopy theorists (compare the rarely consonant Woit's reaction). These formal guys simply didn't realize the pluralistic and holistic character of most remote areas of physics, where every formal theory becomes local.

While I cannot value formal approach to physics very much (until it's not supported by robust logics at physical level) - the work of Burhard Heim is a work of true genius, incomparable to any contemporary scientist (only Edd Witten and possibly J. Beckenstein could remotelly measure it, IMO).

Ciudadano Kane said...

Zephir don't forget that Lubos became a professor of physics at Harvard University

Zephir said...

/*.. don't forget that Lubos became a professor of physics at Harvard University...*/

Yep - and he was fired again... And what?

Lubos is maybe good in matrix algebra, but he is completelly separated from everyday reality - the more, the more loudly is babbling about it.

For example, now he is he is crying, solar plants prohibits CEZ from maintaining stability of grid in Czech Republic. The "only" problem is, CEZ itself is building largest solar plant in Czech Republic, despite the negative stances of "green" ecologists...

Last year CEZ exported 2.4 GW, i.e. the 30x higher, then the production of solar plants installed (0,08 MW). Therefore the stability of Czech grid is threaten not just be few solar plants, but by selling of energy into Germany and other countries, which makes the largest profit for CEZ.

Because younger son of Czech president Vaclav Klaus is top manager of CEZ, main energetic company of Czech Republic, his wife, economist Livie Klaus was member of the CEZ supervisory board until 2002 and another son got four million euros donation from CEZ for his private school last year, it's logical, Vaclav Klaus himself is well known lobbyist of CEZ company and promoter of energetic dependence of Czech Republic to Russian fossil fuel import.

Therefore it's very not surprising, CEZ together with Vaclav Klaus boycotts environmental politics of EU.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to find a way to contact you. I'd like to discuss the modern revival of the aether theory, in the form of superfluid vacuum theory. You've referenced some of my work in one of your blogs. Please send me your email. Thad Roberts
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