Thursday, September 18, 2008

AWT and truth concept

The common understanding is, every "truth has at least two sides", or the "absolute truth doesn't exist". How such understanding is reflected/interpreted by Aether Wave Theory? By AWT the Universe is formed by nested density fluctuations of hypothetical particle environment (Aether) and the observable reality is formed by one level of such hierarchy. Such approach makes AWT background independent theory, which means, it doesn't care about true nature of Aether, it just follows the geometry of its fluctuations, which can be always observed more easily, then the rest of environment. Well, and the zero-dimensional fluctuations of the hyperspherical symmetry are the most pronounced ones inside of common particle environement.

From the above concept follows, here always exists and outer and inner perspective, from which some hierarchy level can be described. The observable generation of Universe forms just one of many nested hierarchy levels of fractal foam shape, which can exists inside of Aether of infinite mass/energy density and the number of such levels isn't virtually limited, they just become selfsimmilar from distant perspective, when the number of distance levels increases. This makes the role of inner and outer perspective indistinguishable each of other from sufficiently distant perspective (the principle of Maldacena duality or AdS/CFT correspondence). Inside of nested foam we can never say, which part of foam belongs to inner or outer perspective with certainty. During light spreading through foam from source placed into vessel with hole the light will follow all possible paths by such a way, the photons will surround the vessel both from outside, both from inside, thus mimicking the omniscient conscioussnes of omnipresent God.

We can illustrate this concept at the case of violation of Lorentz invariance, which is fundamental postulate of special relativity from local perspective. We can see at the case of gravitational lensing, the blind adherence on global validity of local rules leads to the undeniable violation of these rules from sufficiently global/outer perspective: the light is moving along curved path through vacuum, like during spreading through environment with variable speed of light (a quantum mechanics approach). While from internal persecutive such effect remains consequence of space-time curvature apparently (a relativity approach).

Unfortunately, here's no way, how to reconcile the outer perspective with the internal one, because the observer cannot stay inside and outside of subject at the same moment (here's an informational singularity). From the same reason, these two perspectives cannot be reconciled by formal math explicitly, as here exists an infinite number of ways, how to seamlessly connect the inner and outer perspective (for example by using of higher derivations, i.e. by renormalization procedure). The huge landscape of possible string theory solutions suffers this uncertainty, too, because only singular concept (i.e. zero-dimensional strings, i.e. points) can describe the singularity between inner and outer perspectives without qualitative lost of information.

The above model doesn't say, the outer perspective is more general, though - because the very same situation repeats even at the deeper level of nested hierarchy. From sufficiently distant perspective all theories can be considered true and false at the same moment, and the AWT is supposedly no exception. From AWT perspective all hierarchy levels are connected mutually at the sufficient time/space distance into single one (an "Uroboros" or "Klein bottle" topology of observable Universe). Which effectively means, the surface of most distant quasars or smallest gravitons inside of our Universe generation cannot be distinguished from outside of our Universe.

In accordance with this, the temperature of CMB (i.e. the interior of Universe) corresponds the Hawking radiation of black hole, whose lifespan corresponds the age of our Universe generation and the mass density of which corresponds energy density of vacuum (i.e. the 3rd power of Planck constant for 3D space perspective), which makes the above hypthesis testable experimentally.

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