Sunday, September 14, 2008

Aether and anthropic principle

By AWT the universe is basically quite random, but it still enables us to see some order in it due the limited speed of information, which restricts the amount of congruent states in it. The fact, we can see only ordered portion of chaos (a density gradients of it) makes the reality driven by gradients. I.e. everything, what we are enabled to see, are just the mass/energy density changes in time and/or space - and nothing else. These gradients are either a subject of observation, either the way, by which the information is mediated, i.e. propagated at distance (by the same way, like the density gradient of Aether forming the water surface is serving for propagation of transversal surface waves at distance). This leads to the sort of optimization problem: which concentration of density gradients enables to see as most, as possible? The sparse system of density fluctuations is transparent, while the dense one suffers the dispersion - so we can propose both optimal geometry, both the optimal density of such geometry with respect to reach information spreading.

Despite the natural character of this model, we should put the question, why is it all so? Why the reality is gradient driven and the transversal waves are forming the only way, by which the causal information is mediated? By my opinion the reason is somewhat anthropic: the character of transversal waves enables the complexity of our world, because it's energy density dependent. The mass density of multicomponent environment, which can serve for transversal wave spreading is proportional to the energy density of that wave. By such way, every transversal wave is behaving like less or more "intelligent creature", because it not just only spreads through environment passively, but it affects it by the way of positive feedback: it collects the other transversal waves from it's neighborhood, while avoids the mass/energy density voids, i.e. obstacles. Even the most trivial transversal wave soliton behaves like living organism, like bacteria (prokaryote), which follows the (chemical) energy density gradients (sugar or proteins), while avoiding the places of low energy density, i.e. exhibiting a sort of rudimentary consciousness. We can observe this behavior on the colony of slime mold Dictyostelium discoideum, which follows the concentration of sugar leaking from the opened tip of pipette.

We can consider the people as an exaggerated example of such behavior, which is the result of both long-term evolution, both the very special and prosperous condition in our special place of galaxy. No wonder, such creatures, formed by highly condensed clusters of transversal waves in many nested dimensions would prefer the transversal waves as the preferred (if not only one..) way of causal reality, while ignoring the other mechanisms of information spreading. Such stance is analogous to belief, the droplet cloud coming from cup of tea is the only form of water vapor, just because it's most apparent. This aspect makes the Aether concept so fairy, volatile , difficult to grasp by many people: the only way, by which the creatures formed by density gradients can interact with its environment are just the density gradients, so they've problem to imagine, the observable density fluctuations are just a visible top of reality iceberg.

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