Sunday, June 20, 2010

Is the Universe Leaking Energy?

This post is an reaction to recent ScientificAmerican article, in which the idea of mass/energy conservation law for Universe at large scales is impeached.

In Aether Wave Theory (AWT, dense aether theory) Universe is completelly random stuff, similar to nested dense fluctuations of hypothetical dense gas (aether) and its energy content is basically stable at large scales. The red shift in visible light should be compensated with blue shift for radio waves in analogy to dispersion of light at the water surface, i.e. nothing really expands, neither is losing its energy in fact. This doesn't mean, laws of Universe are 100% valid - the Universe just appears like random noise at both quantum, both cosmological scales - so we cannot observe any trend in it at sufficiently global scale.

Because the effect of Universe expansion compensates with contraction just at the wavelength about 2 cm (human observer scale), we're observing the lack of dark energy and dark matter phenomena just during observation of Universe in microwaves (compare the post about cosmological time arrow  and reddit comment).


Robert said...

"the Universe just appears like random noise at both quantum, both cosmological scales - so we cannot observe any trend in it at sufficiently global scale." Is over what to think... Good news, me is pleasant to read your blog!!

Unknown said...


I have been reading your posts for some time now, and with great appreciation I might add. You offer a fresh and valuable insight to many of the 'news' articles that are posted on physorg. Your responses are often met with disdain from the local trolls, but are quite enertaining to read! I obtained my bachelor's in physics a few years ago and am now working as an engineer, so my understanding of some of the more in-depth discussions you have is farily limited. However, I do appreciate the connections you make between the so-called laws of the universe, sociological phenomenon, beauty & the arts, etc. I appreciate them because I notice them myself and don't find many other people who do. I believe you are correct in your assertions with ATW but it may be 'ahead of its time.' I just wanted to say thank you and I encourage you to keep posting, because there are people who are listening.

If you have a chance for an interesting read, please check out "The Disappearance of the Universe" by Gary Renard. It's not about the author, but more about the message that was offered to those who are open to hear it. That book will lead you to "A Course in Miracles" which is also 'ahead of its time.'


Zephir said...

Apparent average galaxy size increases with redshift z, corresponding to a shrinking in time, consistent with lack of red shift phenomena for CMB and even attenuation of radio sources with distance.

Zephir said...

Leaking Energy Could Provide Experimental Proof of Parallel Worlds, says Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek

elyantis said...

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