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AWT and multiple time dimensions

Concept of multiple time dimensions is dual to atemporal universe concept and AWT supports them both. In mathematical physics, a framework of equations is often put forward to model the physical universe. In some sense, a dimension simply means that a mathematical variable exists in some equation, allowing the use of certain mathematical tools. The physical implications of multiple dimensions are theoretical, at best; as it is not always clear what real meaning these extra dimensions actually have. Ascribing real, physical existence to multi-dimensional universes is largely a fringe idea and is not widely accepted amongst the scientific community because of lack of experimental support. Note that the concept of multiple time arrows excludes the concept of single God and creation, both predicate logics of formal math rigor, which are based on single causual time arrow and as such is thereofore refused both by deists, both by proponents of mathematical universe.

While multiple time concept gains popularity in recent time in the similar way, like atemporal universe (1, 2, 3, 4), deeper insight of AWT is greatly welcomed here. One of the first physicists to suggest the idea of inverse time variable was P.A.Dirac for his antimatter formalism in the 1930s and Andrei Sakharov in the 1970s. S. Hawking later proposed the concept of imaginary time on background of imaginary complex numbers, used in quantum mechanics. A second temporal dimension is also seen in Penrose's twistor theory.

F-theory is a branch of string theory introduced by Cumrun Vafa, who develops mathematical descriptions, which involved a second time variable, reportedly. While it's said, many branches of F-theory involve multiple temporal (time) dimensions, Ed Witten has argued, that the second time dimension of F-theory is only a mathematical fiction used to simplify calculations. Put simply, Witten accepts additional spatial dimensions, but acceptance of at least one additional temporal dimension is less popular amongst researchers. It was established after recent discussion on Wikipedia, that F-theory is not a "two-time" theory of physics, because it has metric signature (11,1). This controversy documented illustrates the depth of confusion in contemporary physics, where clear interpretation of piles of formal equations, mechanically derived by various theorists from mutually inconsistent postulate sets remains completely unclear.

Nevertheless, from AWT perspective the situation is still quite synoptic, here. Until F-theory is claimed to be part of string theory, it's expected to follow Lorentz invariance as one of fundamental postulates of string theory. And the Lorentz invariance violates the concept of multiple radiative time arrows, so no place for additional time arrow exists in context of whatever version of string theory. Indeed, such constrain violates the concept of hidden dimensions too, because these compacted dimensions should manifests itself just by violation of Lorentz invariance, which renders string theory a fringe theory as a whole. The situation is even more complicated by fact, contemporary physics distinguishes many definitions of time, the definitions of time arrow in particular - which aren't guaranteed to be compatible mutually under various conditions. This case just illustrates the depth of general level of confusion in contemporary physics and the urgent need of robust conceptual basis based on predicate logics, i.e. in similar way, like formal math remains based so far.

AWT just illustrates, it's a refusal of Aether concept, which prohibits us to see the hidden dimensions all around us - in this sense, it belongs between bests supporters of string theory concepts. Despite of this, the perspective of multiple time dimensions is just a special observational perspective based on exsintric (quantum theory oriented) view of reality and it has no place in strictly local and causual insintric perspective, as being used in relativity, in special relativity theory in particular. The mixing of exsintric and insintric perspective isn't recommended here, as it leads to mathematical singularities and conceptual confusion, above presented.

The general understanding of radiative and thermodynamics time arrow in context of omnidirectional Universe expansion is, the forward time arrow leads to expansion of matter into smaller particles, including particles of radiation, i.e. bosons. This is the reason, why we cannot travel in time in larger extent, or we would evaporate or collapse. Evaporation is generally considered as a spontaneous process during which the entropy increases. But such view isn't quite general, because it's generally followed by spontaneous symmetry breaking, i.e. condensation of matter into larger groups as a result of gravitational collapse. Because physicists aren't sure, which process is "more spontaneous" here, the omnidirectional expansion of space-time from insintric perspective can be considered dual to gravitational collapse of matter, forming such space-time. In AWT the general boundary separating both these perspectives is completely observer dependent, i.e. the CMB or human scale, which is adopted to CMB scale.

Briefly speaking, all objects larger then CMB photons tends to condense by shielding effect of these photons, while the smaller ones are separated. The CMB scale corresponds the scale of solitons inside of human brains, as it brings the maximal degree of complexity, which we can interact with in common life. From human perspective every birth alternates death, the smaller organisms then CMB photons are serving like parasites or source of food for these larger ones, the droplets of rain smaller then CMB photons would evaporate in rain on behalf of larger ones due the surface dependency of vapor tension, and so on. From our observational perspective one half of universe matter would evaporate into CMB photons due the proton decay, while the rest of it will condense into black holes of the same size in the similar way, like false vacuum has separated into matter and antimatter during inflation. As we can see, we can met with dual time arrows all around us, because with respect of time dimensions our world is quite symmetrical and reversible and no prevailing arrow of entropy exists here, in fact.

From general perspective of AWT both history, both future of observable part of our Universe remains fragmentized into infinitelly many time arrows like foam membrane, which manifests by quantum uncertainty on both macroscopic scale (the past), both microscopic scale (the future). It means, time has a character of fractal foam or tree (1) in the same way, like the space foam - just dual to the later one. While such perspective is dual to atemporal Universe, we can say safely, both groups of scientists have their side of truth, here.


Zephir said...

Synopsis: We are facing two time arrows at the same moment, because we cannot ignore fact, one half of Universe evaporates into radiation, while the second one agglomerates by gravity. So what we are observing are two processes separated by CMB/human scale. Objects, which are large then 1.73 cm tends to agglomerate in their gravity field into larger ones. This is essentially negentropic process, related to inverse time arrow!

Whereas object smaller then CMB photons are evaporating into radiation. This is indeed common entropic process. The human/CMB space-time/energy density scale appears to be quite universal boundary between past and future because of omnipresent activity of CMB photons and it forms the middle of dimensional scale of observable Universe.

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