Thursday, February 05, 2009

AWT, Genesis and precambrian explosion

By AWT elementary particles are small living creatures, which follows energy density gradients (food) of their life environment. Bosons are males, whereas fermions are females. They've a genetic information encoded in helical structure of density gradients inside their body like other living organisms, they consist of foamy tissue composed of bilayers with different surface tension and superhydrophobic behavior, they're tactile and sensitive to heat and mechanical stimulation like other animals.

In general, the she-fermions are more communicative particles, usually rather attractive having mass (some can become quite corpulent). In general, they're loving company and most of all they prefer to exchange food & energy with bosons.

Instead of this, bosons are a movable, unstable and volatile particles. They usually bouncing from one she-fermion to another by high speed. Whenever boson obtains a sufficient energy (fitness), it succeeds in mating and it is allowed to exchange its information with fermion. After such collisions a new small particles can emerge, which have structure and property signatures of both parents at the same time.

From this point of view it seems, atom nuclei or black holes are nested closely packed globular colonies of these creatures, similar to "Globe animalcule" (Volvox globator) chlorophytes. This algae can serve as a brane model of strings, being formed by 2D foam.

By Genesis formation of life occurred in six steps, non-uniformly distributed in space-time scale, but equidistantly separated in entropy density scale ("days"). The first stage was a formation of space and time ("heavens and the earth") inside of graviton condensate ("darkness over the deep and God's breath (Aether) hovering over the waters" (waves?)). Gravitons are ambivalent particles, serving both like boson, both like fermions due the supersymmetry.
During Big Bang event (''let there be light") phase transition of space-time has occurred, followed by separation of first generation of bosons, i.e. photons ("God separated the light from the darkness") in process of so called inflation, which resulted into condensation of black hole dome, forming observable generation of Universe ("let there be a dome in the midst of the waters"), i.e. the vacuum in particular ("God called the dome Sky").
By AWT cambrian explosion was a result of analogous phase transition, a condensation of genes following from fast cooling. Around 530 million years ago Earth passed by so called "Snowball Earth" episode, i.e. by cryogenian period of strong cooling by the same way, like the Universe during inflation. During this a existing oceans were covered by thick layer of ice. This shock change of climate was followed by massive extinction, during which remaining organisms were forced to increase speed of their evolution and to exchange genes even in diaspora. The diaspora has lead into evolution of sexual reproduction, which is effective (and quite pleasant) method, how to increase gene mixing speed.
The speed of evolution and mutation must remain always balances in accordance to life conditions. Prokaryota still rely to horizontal gene transfer, simply because they can divide fast. Sexual reproduction is too mutagenic and energetically expensive for tiny organisms with fast paced live cycle (protozoa), so they using it only in under unfavorable conditions.

Large organisms can reproduce sexually, but sometimes tend to parthenogenesis under good life conditions: for example sharks are living in very stable conditions, so they don't evolve fast, they don't require mutations, so they're cancer resistant and hammerhead shark can reproduce asexually. A endometriosis and/or male associated infertility can be understood as an attempt for evolutionary adaptation of human organism to wealthy life conditions, where the sexual reproduction leads to unnecessary high mutagenity. Good social conditions leads to unisex life style and male population will decline gradually in analogy to mixture of particles, which undergoes the gradual evaporation of smaller particles on behalf of large ones with lower social tension.


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The optimization aspects of cancer formation to the mutation speed was recently disputted in the article:

Selective pressures for and against genetic instability in cancer and

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Over decades physicists have developed a standard model for the Sun’s evolution. The "Faint Young Sun" has been a paradox of astrophysics. "GM=tc^3" model of young L. Riofrio predicts that at about 4 Ga ago Earth was too cold to support life.

Is it coincidence to Expanding Earth theory, SnowBall Earth period and precambrian explosion of species? Can Universe evolution affect the evolution of life in such straightforward way?

I'm still not quite convinced, as these periods appear separated in time and snowball Earth period can have many other reasons here. We should link the Ediacaran Period to continent formation from Pangea and to find another evidence. BTW in some recent version of quintessence theory Universe has frozen before 11.5 GYears, too.

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Sharks can't get skin cancer, unlike fish. New studies underway to try to stop skin cancer in humans.

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Women with endometriosis tend to be more attractive

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Recent article of Max Tegmark: Consciousness as a State of Matter

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This post is apparently inspired with recent Tegmark's notion that our universe can be described as a Hamiltonian and density matrix. He then suggests some ways to quantify those conditions and what values they might take in different regimes.

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Quantum particles behave like tiny critters in many aspects of their behavior or even evolution. When we capture particle into magnetic trap, it will start to behave like animal fighting for freedom: its motion will become increasingly violent, it will "jump", "mutate" and "breathe" at place and it will try to escape (i.e. tunnel into an outside). We are formed by large ensembles of these particles and the quantum aspects of their behavior remain preserved - they just manifest itself in more sophisticated / highdimensional ways. Conversely, the dark matter around galaxies gives aspects of intelligent behavior even the matter at large scales: the network of dark matter filaments behaves like colony of slime mold traveling and seeking for food.