Friday, January 02, 2009

Motivations of Aether Wave Theory

AWT isn't based on some mysticism at all - on the contrary. AWT is based on Boltzmann gas model - it's a basic system for definition of thermodynamical energy, instead. Furthermore, this model isn't ad-hoce at all. It's based on the understanding, from sufficiently distant perspective every object appears like pin-point particle. And every complex interactions in such system can be modeled by system of colliding particles. For example, people are complex objects, but if we would observe them from sufficient altitude, they would appear and behave like chaotic 2D gas composed of colliding particles. It's natural reduction of virtually every physical system.

Despite its conceptual simplicity, this system becomes irreducibly complex with increasing of particle density, because it forms fractaly nested density fluctuations composed of density fluctuations. Such behavior can be both simulated by computers, both modeled by dense gas condensation (supercritical fluid at the right picture) and the resulting complexity is limited just by computational power. Which means, AWT principle enables to model systems of arbitrary complexity just by recursive application of trivial mechanism. If nothing else, we should consider this model because of its simplicity and the fact, nobody did propose it for modeling of observable reality, yet.

The main reason for reintroduction of Aether theory back into mainstream physics is better and more consistent and universal understanding of fundamental connections of reality. Most of these motivations weren't never presented by mainstream physics and they're forming the theorems, i.e. testable predictions of AWT at the same moment, because they can be derived from ab-initio simulation of nested density fluctuations of Boltzmann particle gas. This list bellow will be extended by new ideas occasionally.
  1. Explanation of energy spreading by light
    The spreading of inertial energy requires inertial environment. We cannot use the energy concept for light waves spreading, while ignoring mass concept, the mass-energy equivalence in particular.
  2. Explanation of wave character of light.
    Only system of mutually colliding particles can spread energy in waves, vacuum shouldn't be any exception.
  3. Explanation of finite frequency of light.
    Only system of nonzero mass density can spread waves of finite frequency, as follows from wave equation.
  4. Explanation of high light energy density/frequency achievable.
    Classical models of luminiferous Aether were based on sparse gas model of Aether, which cannot spread the waves of energy density corresponding to gamma or cosmic radiation frequency.
  5. Explanation of light speed invariance.
    Light speed invariance is consequence of Aether concept and the fact, the light speed is the fastest energy spreading observable (if wee neglect the gravity waves, which are too faint to be observable), so we can use only light for observation of reality, the light speed/spreading in particular.
  6. Explanation of absence of reference frame for light spreading in vacuum.
    If we use the light for observation of light spreading in luminiferous Aether, it's motion/reference frame can be never locally observed just by using of light waves, because no object can serve as a subject and as a mean of observation at the same moment.
  7. Explanation/prediction of transversal character of light waves.
    In particle environment, only transversal waves can remain independent to environment reference frame by the same way, like motion of capillary waves at water surface.
  8. Explanation/prediction of foamy structure of vacuum.
    Only foam structure composed of "strings" and "(mem)branes" can spread energy in transversal waves through bulk particle environments (string and brane theories) and/or provide the properties of elastic fluid, composed of "spin loops" vortices (LQG theory).
  9. Explanation/prediction of two vector character of transversal light waves.
    Only nested foam structure can promote the light spreading in two mutually perpendicular vectors of electrical and magnetic intensity (1, 2). The formation of nested density fluctuations can be observed experimentally during condensation of supercritical fluid (1).
  10. Explanation/prediction of uncertainty principle.
    The transversal character of surface waves is always violated on behalf of underwater waves. Inside of inhomogeneous particle system the energy is always spreading in both transversal, both longitudinal waves, thus violating the predictability/determinism of energy spreading and introducing an indeterminism into phenomena, mediated/observed by using it.
  11. Explanation/prediction of particle/wave duality.
    Every isolated energy wave (a soliton) increases the Aether foam density temporarily by the same way, like the soap foam gets dense during shaking due the spontaneous symmetry breaking. As the result, every soliton spreads like less or more pronounced gradient/blob of Aether density and it bounces from internal walls of surface gradient of such blob like standing wave packet, i.e. particle (1).
  12. Explanation/prediction of virtual particles.
    The concept of virtual particles, which appear and dissapear temporarily in vacuum is typical behavior of density fluctuations inside of every gas or fluid and physics knows no other way, in which such behavior can be realized.
  13. Explanation/definition of time dimension and space-time concept.

"..People have often tried to figure out ways of getting these new concepts. Some people work on the idea of the axiomatic formulation of the present quantum mechanics. I don't think that will help at all. If you imagine people having worked on the axiomatic formulation of the Bohr orbit theory, they would never have been led to Heisenberg's quantum mechanics. They would never have thought of non-commutative multiplication as one of their axioms which could be challenged. In the same way, any future development must involve changing something which people have never challenged up to the present, and which will not be shown up by an axiomatic formulation..."

Paul A.M. Dirac, in Development of the Physicist's conception of Nature, In The Physicists conception of Nature ed.Jaghdish Metra, D. Reidel, 1973., pp 1-14.


Anonymous said...

AWT and mainstream physics? LOL, theese two things share exactly nothing in commom (;-)

Anonymous said...

HAHA..No math, no valid explanation, just a word salad...(:-D)

Zephir said...

Einstein: "You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother."

You see, no math is mentioned here...;-) AWT can explain many concepts of mainstream physics by particle environment analogies, but not vice versa. Particle models are naturaly singular (zero dimensional objects in infinite dimensional space) and parallelized, therefore no math based on consecutive logic can be applied here in general case.

For example, the above particle simulation is impossible to express/derive by using of formal math, albeit it appears quite simple - by such way, a whole large portion of observable reality is effectivelly hidden for formal approach. If nothing else, the particle models are effective in many real cases of fluid modelling - so why not to use them for example in description of nuclear physics?

Anonymous said...

There is any experimental proof that supports the AWT. The aether it is only a concept without any experimental evidence so is only a metaphysics, a philosophy!

Zephir said...

The stance of yours just illustrates, nothing changed in human thinking from medieval era - which is somewhat alarming finding, in fact.

The simplest experimental evidence of Aether is wave character of light. The Brownian motion of He3 atoms can serve as an evidence of Aether too, because hellium doesn't freeze even at the absolute zero temperature.

Zephir said...

I can understand your shocking feeling completelly...;-)

Till now scientists simply didn't realize, the particle environment cannot be observed by its own waves, therefore the (motion /reference frame of) vacuum cannot be observed by using of light. The negative result of M-M experiment therefore doesn't mean a refusal of Aether concept, but (one of) the confirmations of it.

The idea of sparse luminiferous Aether violates the high energy density of gamma radiation, which the sparse environment cannot mediate. While the sparse particles mediate the energy in longitudinal waves, from dense Aether concept of AWT follows the transversal character of light and foamy structure of vacuum.

By such way, dense Aether concept violate anything, what we know about light energy spreading through vacuum. These connections can be used for experimental confirmation of AWT even without math on conceptual level by the same way, like the existence of stellar parallax and/or Venus phases can confirm the heliocentric model without further computations.

The fact, these trivial ideas weren't considered before many years by mainstream science just demonstrates, how shortseeing the intersubjective thinking still is.

After all, the duality of sparse and dense Aether models is analogous to duality of geocentric and heliocentric models and history of physics just repeats here. Suddenly we realized, observable Universe forms just a tiny part of larger (if not infinite) reality.

No wonder, the people like you will fight against such view of reality by the same way, like they battled against heliocentric model before forty hundred years. Such stance is quite logical and easily predictable by AWT.

IdaJay said...

I think AWT is brilliant. I just posted a similar theory at It proposed that the Schwarzschild vacuum lattice solution demonstrates the vacuum density field is a lattice of energy vibrating at trans-Plankian dimensions. All matter and light interact with this vibrating lattice energy creating the stability of the universe. I propose the black hole model of the universe also. I am a non-scientist so I approach the subject as a philosophical exercise. No fancy equations; just thought experiments. Anyway it is consistent with your Aether Wave Theory. I hope you don't mind, but i put a link to your blog. If you want me to take it down, just let me know. I applaud your tireless work.

Zephir said...

Thank you for your interest about AWT. If you're interested about it, your approach to Aether roughly corresponds the subject of Dr. Frank Wilczek's research of lattice gauge theory.

Although "free fermion models" of Aether free of any ad-hoced geometric constrains appears more general for me, the lattice approach may become computationally more effective in analogy to CFD.

Anonymous said...

Bože Srnko seš ty ale nenapravitelný trumbera, tolik ztracenýho času na takový beznadějný hovadiny, navíc si očividně pomáháš fejky :-))

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: dyk mu nekaz jeho radost, co mu zbejva, no mozna takovy krapitko skromnosti by mu pomohlo.

Zephir said...

1) Light energy is spreading in waves through vacuum in the same way, like energy waves through elastic particle environments. It would mean, vacuum is formed by elastic particle environment, too.

2) Helium atoms never freeze at the normal pressure, they're in the eternal movement like pollen grain suspended in particle environment (a Brownian noise). It would mean, vacuum is formed by dense particle environment.

3) Short energy waves are dispersing by particle environment under formation of vortex pairs. Whereas short light waves interact with vacuum under formation of particle-antiparticle pairs.

4) Short wavelength light is dispersed by fluctuations of particle environment. Short wavelength gamma radiation is dispersed by CMB noise, which manifest itself as so-called GZK limit...

Anonymous said...

OK, here is my version of Aether Theory. Bear in mind that I am no scientist. All of my theories of the universe are based on thought experiments.
I see the Aether as a dense, non-moving, sea of “particles.” I relate it to a jumbotron at a football game. The image on the screen is made up of various bulbs or LEDs that turn on and off to varying degrees that when viewed from a distance give the illusion of movement. I see our universe as a multi-dimensional version of that jumbotron. The individual particles of Aether turning on or off to varying degrees to give us motion through space and even time.
I see each particle as its own universe, with its own Aether, one order of magnitude smaller than our own. The reaction of which provides the change of state that is happening in that “particle” in our universe. Likewise, I see our universe as a particle of Aether in a larger universe, one order of magnitude larger, with all of our energy and mass creating a change of state in this larger universe.
The multi-dimensional physics I can’t even begin to explain. This is just how I wrap my head around it.