Sunday, December 14, 2008

Anthropic principle and Universe evolution

By AWT the evolution of living matter is just a continuation of evolution of inorganic matter, while the Aether foam concept is most pronounced here: the neural net is an analogy to tissue foam, which is analogy to liposome foam, which is an analogy to mechanic foam at the fluid-gas interface, which is just another level of foam of water clusters, atom orbitas and string fluid inside of atom nuclei and vacuum itself (quantum graviton foam). This insight was reformulated recently on background of thermodynamics.

By AWT the quantum foam is of natural evolutionary character, because the density fluctuations of foam are behaving like tiny optical lenses, they're focusing energy waves into itself like food while competing mutually, so that just the most stable and dense fluctuations can survive from long perspective. From this perspective whole Universe appears to be of the same character, being formed by giant fluctuation of Aether foam, evolved during long Universe history into its present state. The concept of Universe evolution was disputed in notion of expyrotic and multiverse bubble cosmology, Darwinian aspects of Universe evolution were popularized by Lee Smolin in his "Theory of Cosmological Natural Selection" on background of causal evolution of spin networks.

By AWT the concept of Universe evolution is dual to the anthropic principle, the fine-tuned Universe principle in particular by which the Universe appears as the best place adopted for human life evolution due the especially well balanced combination of physical constants. As such it serves as on of main arguments for creationism, which is considered as a dual theory to evolution by AWT. Deeper insight learn us, every product of long term evolution will consider its environment well balanced and nothing very special is about it.

For example sharks are so well adopted to the life at the bottom of ocean due their long term evolution, so they can start to believe in "selachimorphacentric" principle easily: they're condemned to believe in "Big Shark" divinity, which has created the bottom of oceans especially well balanced and suited to shark needs. Surprisingly enough, such trivial insight wasn't never mentioned in connection to anthropic principle by my information, while it's quite apparent and it renders whole anthropic principle a bit redundant on behalf of evolutionary theory by my opinion.

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