Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Aether and structure of observable reality

By AWT the observable reality appears as being formed by nested density fluctuations of hypothetical inhomogeneous environment of infinite mass/energy density, i.e. the Aether. By such a way, AWT doesn't explain, what the reality is, it just extrapolates the criterions of observability well known from everyday reality. Inside of dense particle environment, everything, what we can observe are density fluctuations, i.e. the gradients - from this the concept of gradient driven reality follows. In addition, just these density fluctuations can serve for causal energy spreading in transversal waves, the longitudinal waves follows Huygens principle, so they cannot serve as a causal base of information (for longitudinal waves every event has an infinite number of parallel consequences).

Fortunately, it's rather easy to imagine the behavior of infinitely dense particle system, because it can be modeled by dense gas system or cold plasma crystals, both modeled by using of computers and nested foam structure of neural network is adapted to parallel processing (an intuition), being an Aeter simulator. The fundamental system here is ideal gas, following Boltzmann-Maxwell distribution in infinite number of dimensions. The extrapolation of density fluctuations to infinite density leads to concept of Boltzmann brain, proposed by assistant of Ludwig Boltzmann reportedly. By this idea whole universe appears a single giant fluctuation of Aether. Surprisingly, this model is very well defined and conditioned, because here's the only way, by which such dense gas can condense into more complex structures. Therefore we can expect, with increasing gas density the solution would converge by well defined way, the only problem is, we can model such system with limited precision by real systems or computers by using of contemporary technology. In this post we can just emphasize some common aspects of very dense particle system behavior.

The most fundamental aspect of observable reality is hidden in question, how we can see at least something from infinitely dense chaos? The reason is somewhat anthropic: we are highly causal phase of Aether borrowed from long term causal evolution, so we can see just a causal portion of chaos (this one mediated by transversal waves) and such portion is infinitely tiny with compare to rest of chaos: the infinitely small portion of infinitely huge and dense environment is just the observable part of reality. Inside of such small portion of reality the information can propagate by the limited speed (the speed of light in particular), so we can see just a limited number of different states of chaos in each moment. The limited number of chaos is always stochastic by the same way, like dense field of limited number of points consisting of limited number of colors: a scale invariant density fluctuations appears here:

As the result, the particle concept in it's true singular nature of zero dimensional objects colliding in infinitely dimensional space is limited just to very fundamental level of Aether, which remains unreachable for causal observation by definition. All other parts of reality will be composed by less or more dense particle fluctuations, which are having a character of scale invariant nested density fluctuations (unparticles), similar to fractal clouds and/or Perlin noise, composed of octals (Perlin noise is fundamental fractal here):

The observation through thick layer of Aether would lead into gradual dispersion of transversal waves and the formation of density gradients and/or even singularities, which will manifests itself like phase transform with respect to time dimension. With increasing gradient density the blobby character of density fluctuations will change into dense nested foam of 1D/2D strings and membranes, because only sharpest gradients can be distinguished from noise here. This transform is illustrated by above picture. The density of foam will increase and at the certain moment it will form a continuum, inside which new generation of density fluctuations will emerge. We can observe this structure inside of dark matter streaks, which are demonstrating, how the vacuum should appear at the Planck scale level as well.

This is because of another important aspect of Aether foam: every reality can be perceived by local observer from at least two points of view: "inner" (insintric) and "outer" (exsintric) one (every truth has two sides, here). In more general perspective these points of view will become fragmented into plural ones in analogy to structure of Aether foam itself. The existence of multiple perspectives is trivial consequence of character of information spreading, which can be modeled by energy spreading in transversal waves through dense soap foam. When we place a light source inside of bucket into foam, we can observe, the light will penetrate whole volume, so that the inner surface of bucket will remain illuminated by the same way, like this outer one - the light spreading will become omnipresent here:

Practical consequence of this aspect of Aether behavior is, every density fluctuation will interact with the neighboring fluctuations by at least two ways: like as it would being part of them (insintric perspective), both like it would be outside of them (exsintric perspective). These two ways of interactions will always interfere in stable given ratio, thus forming of causal base of so called quantization. This is an important aspect of chaos driven reality: we should explain, not only why everything differs each other, but the existence of analogies and classes as well: i.e. the fact, why certain fundamental parts of reality appears so similar each other (atoms, elementary particles, living species, large black holes and galaxies). i.e. quantization of matter and energy.

Testable consequence of dual nature of reality is supersymmetry and self-similarity of Universe at Planck and cosmological scales: the Universe appears as being formed by itself from long-term distance perspective, the structure of quantum foam is similar in many aspects to streaks of dark matter, the Universe appears like interior of black hole being observed from outside at the same time, the mass/energy density of vacuum corresponds the mass/energy density of black holes, the cosmic microwave background corresponds the Hawking radiation of black hole, whose lifespan corresponds the Universe age, and so on. Later we can discuss some practical consequences of supersymmetry duality on the examples/analogies of evolutionary biology and sociology.


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I think you're probably right about a lot of things.

I've always believed that the universe is something more like you're explaining, rather than the models of the universe currently accepted by mathematics and physics.

If the universe is entirely non-deterministic, how can a set of formerly described and discrete rules/equations ever fully describe the nature of it at all scales (a formal GUT)? I don't think it can.

You're AWT seems to work at all scales, and outlines a view of the universe as an infinitely diverse and self-similar fractal.

You only have to look at nature to see that life is an intrinsic part of the nature of the universe, the universe is life, it's like one big organism, constantly evolving and "foaming", like a multi-dimentional flower unfurling in the sun.

I worked on a computer program to generate fractals from arbitary complex feedback funtions and came up with a supprising array of images that looked just like life systems at many scales in the world we see, confiming to me my beliefs that everthing is connected, everything is self-similar at all scales (i.e. a fractal universe).

Keep going, don't let the nagative comments from so called professional scientists stop you!

I believe to fully appreciate the nature of the universe you have to look at it from many perspectives, i.e. as an artist, a scientist and a spiritualist. No one perspective paints the entire picture...

Zephir said...

Thanx for your comments. Human understanding evolves and converges to reality from two supersymmetric sides: both from the side of formal theories, which can compute everything about it, but nearly none can understand them - both from noformal philosophic perspective of interpretations, which can handle more general and fuzzy connections.

These views will probably never met completely - but this is not the reason for not to apply them simultaneously.

Zephir said...

In the fall of 1940, Feynman received a telephone call from John Wheeler (Feynman's thesis
advisor) at the Graduate College in Princeton, in which Wheeler said that he knew why all electrons have the same charge and the same mass.
"Why?" asked Feynman, and Wheeler replied:
"Because they are all one and the same electron."

Inside of inhomogeneous Universe all thinkable sizes and energy levels of bosons and fermions can exist in principle - but because we can observe only small sample of space-time, we can see only limited number of different fermions and energy levels of bosons in every piece of matter.

We can say, we cannot see the whole Universe because of limited speed of information spreading during observation, thus introducing the notion of time into quantization of reality - but such explanation of quantization in observed reality is basically an anthropocentric consequence of "Simillia simillibus observatur" principle: every separated piece of inhomogeneous reality would always interact with the rest in fragmented, i.e. quantized way ("quantum" means "how much" in Latin).

Zephir said...

Niels Henrik David Bohr: "There are two kinds of truth, small truth and great truth. You can recognize a small truth because its opposite is a falsehood. The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth."

Such insight fits aether geometry of nested foam well. For example, the claim, Earth revolves around Sun is apparent truth, simply because it's not in the middle of dimensional scale. But the very general, universal truths like the claims: we are living inside of Universe can be easily reverse in the same way, like many truths of common life - it can be demonstrated easily, we are observing our Universe from outside as well.